Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Craft Shop.

The Craft Shop.

The robbery of the Beaconsfield bank of its gold was sensational on July 23rd 1884. The amount stolen was 2,600 pounds equal to over $2 million dollars today.

Time has passed. So to has the bank. It is now a craft shop for the West Tamar craft creating people. The skills of the people from the area is wonderful. From wood turning to wool garments. Paintings and miniature dolls to jewellery and books. All and more is on display and sale.

I’m a volunteer there as my books and Mary’s sit begging people to peruse and purchase. Twice a month my days come around. It is interesting as folk from all around the world drop by.

As I look at the variety of the crafts it reminds me of the creative power the Lord has bestowed upon us. More than that I read in Ephesians 2:10 that when we give our lives to Christ Jesus by faith He makes us His unique masterpiece.!

For many of us we remain works in progress. There seems to be some chip to smooth, a few loose threads to mend and maybe a fair bit of polishing to attend too.  None of that detracts from the fact each of us are the Lord’s work. As the shop contains a wide range of creative work, so too does the Church.

When the Lord displays to the world what He has done it  is often through people such as us. People com into the shop looking for something special for themselves or others. When people come to the Church there is a similar attitude. How wonderful it is when they spy what they need in your life or mine. Greater still the thrill to show how Christ Jesus through his word can create in that person also.

Ray (still a work in progress) Hawkins.

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