Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Keeping an eye on things

At the sea horse business our children own I often do the late night check. This simply means ensuring the water and air are on, there are no leaks and the lights are turned off with doors secured.

Most of the time things are okay. Still the need is there to make sure. There have been times when some little things have needed adjusting or after storms equipment requires checking. The sea horses are indifferent to all this. However should something go wrong they would feel it.

I would apply that to my own spiritual health. I need constant check-ups to see that my spirit is functioning well and my spiritual journey is going in the right direction. To read the bible,worship, pray and put into practice God's word is the way the Lord checks me out.

I'm glad my Lord and Saviour takes the time to cast His eye into and over my life. Across the years His intervention has saved me from some unpleasant failures. The sea horses don't appreciate my care for them. However I certainly appreciate the Lord keeping His eye on me.

Ray (in need of being watched) Hawkins

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