Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dynamic aging

Mary's Mum, our son and three of his children.
Being a member of the grey-haired brigade I began reflecting on what God has in mind for us. Our energy levels are lower, aches and pains more frequent. What Jesus said to His disciples, much younger than us reveals our state of endurance: 'The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak'.

So into the Scriptures I jumped. God has a lot of time for the older people. He has definite areas of service and caring for us to undertake. Even a quick look at the people the Lord called upon to work with Him shows a liking for senior citizens. They come from difference backgrounds, go through various testing times and prove their commitment and dependence upon their Lord.

Out of my rummaging through the scriptures it hit me: Dynamic aging is Christ Jesus' desire for us. Such aging doesn't always mean good health easy circumstances or no list of failures. What it offers us is a sense of ongoing purpose, special areas for service and time to get properly dressed to enter His presence.

This motivated me to begin another book in the 31 Day Series of Biblical Devotional Meditations. The working title 'Dynamic Aging' . Hopefully it will be accepted before I'm too much older.

Ray (being recharged) Hawkins

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