Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Books - Books - Book!

They were everywhere. Enticing, appealing and very reasonably priced the books at the Word Writers’ Getaway appealed to my pocket  Perhaps I should add, to my wife’s reading tastes and therefore to raiding my wallet again.

The Friday to Sunday convention was held at a nice centre at Alexandria Heads, Qld. Nearly 100 writers attended and enjoyed great seminars, good fellowship and enjoyable food. Rochelle Manners from Wombat books/Even Before Publishing organized this event. She did a top job.

Every generation needs to hear about Jesus, the cross, God’s grace and the need for each to choose to accept or reject God’s offer of forgiveness. This requires the information being dressed in modern stories about modern people facing modern (yet old) problems. So Christian writers constantly need to assess their craft, refresh their thinking, be encouraged and stay focused.

Christian literature in all genres is so important. The stress at the ‘Getaway’ was upon good writing, good production and good marketing about the greatest story ever told. The book on the left was launched at this Word Writers weekend' It is excellent. An absorbing family drama set in south Australia and written by 4 well known authors. Available at  or soon in Christian bookshops.

The writer of the bible book, Ecclesiastes, centuries ago wrote about the increase in books (to which he added his). I wonder what he would make of today’s output?

If you aspire to write consider attending Word Writers’ Fair in 2013.
Ray (compulsive writer) Hawkins.

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