Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Love Bytes and Poem.

Should you once again cross my blog and wonder what's new, take heart.
I've added some 'Love Bytes' and a new poem about my Grand daughter Haylee and how I overcame her sleep resistance. Have a read. I'll be adding a new blog and a new devotional in a day or two (maybe three).

Ray (trying to catch up) Hawkins

Friday, October 26, 2012

Whose hat is that?

Since childhood I've enjoyed wearing hats, and caps. not quite sure as to the reason why. Maybe because my dad and grandad wore them. Still when I played baseball and cricket they were a sign of the team to which I belonged.

As you can see in the photo Adam, my youngest grandson has caught the bug. In fact he likes to take mine and claim it for his own. I've had a number of my caps commandeered by him and 'hidden' at his house.

If I don't happen to have a cap/hat on when he comes he asks me where is your hat Grandad? Often he comes with his on and I have to swap mine for his. It is good fun and a part of our routine.

While he will grow out of cap snatching we are forming memories together which will make us smile down the years.

There are other memories I hope we are sharing. The pleasure of games together, the joy of attending church with our families, the stories read and games he plays on my computer. Most of all I pray that he and his brothers and sisters will know that their grandad and grandma love them, pray for them and seek to help them to know about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Proverbs 17:6: Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are  the pride of their children'. This expresses the delight of Mary's and my experiences as parents and grandparents.

Ray (rarely hatless) Hawkins

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Keeping an eye on things

At the sea horse business our children own I often do the late night check. This simply means ensuring the water and air are on, there are no leaks and the lights are turned off with doors secured.

Most of the time things are okay. Still the need is there to make sure. There have been times when some little things have needed adjusting or after storms equipment requires checking. The sea horses are indifferent to all this. However should something go wrong they would feel it.

I would apply that to my own spiritual health. I need constant check-ups to see that my spirit is functioning well and my spiritual journey is going in the right direction. To read the bible,worship, pray and put into practice God's word is the way the Lord checks me out.

I'm glad my Lord and Saviour takes the time to cast His eye into and over my life. Across the years His intervention has saved me from some unpleasant failures. The sea horses don't appreciate my care for them. However I certainly appreciate the Lord keeping His eye on me.

Ray (in need of being watched) Hawkins

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Books - Books - Book!

They were everywhere. Enticing, appealing and very reasonably priced the books at the Word Writers’ Getaway appealed to my pocket  Perhaps I should add, to my wife’s reading tastes and therefore to raiding my wallet again.

The Friday to Sunday convention was held at a nice centre at Alexandria Heads, Qld. Nearly 100 writers attended and enjoyed great seminars, good fellowship and enjoyable food. Rochelle Manners from Wombat books/Even Before Publishing organized this event. She did a top job.

Every generation needs to hear about Jesus, the cross, God’s grace and the need for each to choose to accept or reject God’s offer of forgiveness. This requires the information being dressed in modern stories about modern people facing modern (yet old) problems. So Christian writers constantly need to assess their craft, refresh their thinking, be encouraged and stay focused.

Christian literature in all genres is so important. The stress at the ‘Getaway’ was upon good writing, good production and good marketing about the greatest story ever told. The book on the left was launched at this Word Writers weekend' It is excellent. An absorbing family drama set in south Australia and written by 4 well known authors. Available at www.evenbeforepublishing.com  or soon in Christian bookshops.

The writer of the bible book, Ecclesiastes, centuries ago wrote about the increase in books (to which he added his). I wonder what he would make of today’s output?

If you aspire to write consider attending Word Writers’ Fair in 2013.
Ray (compulsive writer) Hawkins.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dynamic aging

Mary's Mum, our son and three of his children.
Being a member of the grey-haired brigade I began reflecting on what God has in mind for us. Our energy levels are lower, aches and pains more frequent. What Jesus said to His disciples, much younger than us reveals our state of endurance: 'The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak'.

So into the Scriptures I jumped. God has a lot of time for the older people. He has definite areas of service and caring for us to undertake. Even a quick look at the people the Lord called upon to work with Him shows a liking for senior citizens. They come from difference backgrounds, go through various testing times and prove their commitment and dependence upon their Lord.

Out of my rummaging through the scriptures it hit me: Dynamic aging is Christ Jesus' desire for us. Such aging doesn't always mean good health easy circumstances or no list of failures. What it offers us is a sense of ongoing purpose, special areas for service and time to get properly dressed to enter His presence.

This motivated me to begin another book in the 31 Day Series of Biblical Devotional Meditations. The working title 'Dynamic Aging' . Hopefully it will be accepted before I'm too much older.

Ray (being recharged) Hawkins

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Craft Shop.

The Craft Shop.

The robbery of the Beaconsfield bank of its gold was sensational on July 23rd 1884. The amount stolen was 2,600 pounds equal to over $2 million dollars today.

Time has passed. So to has the bank. It is now a craft shop for the West Tamar craft creating people. The skills of the people from the area is wonderful. From wood turning to wool garments. Paintings and miniature dolls to jewellery and books. All and more is on display and sale.

I’m a volunteer there as my books and Mary’s sit begging people to peruse and purchase. Twice a month my days come around. It is interesting as folk from all around the world drop by.

As I look at the variety of the crafts it reminds me of the creative power the Lord has bestowed upon us. More than that I read in Ephesians 2:10 that when we give our lives to Christ Jesus by faith He makes us His unique masterpiece.!

For many of us we remain works in progress. There seems to be some chip to smooth, a few loose threads to mend and maybe a fair bit of polishing to attend too.  None of that detracts from the fact each of us are the Lord’s work. As the shop contains a wide range of creative work, so too does the Church.

When the Lord displays to the world what He has done it  is often through people such as us. People com into the shop looking for something special for themselves or others. When people come to the Church there is a similar attitude. How wonderful it is when they spy what they need in your life or mine. Greater still the thrill to show how Christ Jesus through his word can create in that person also.

Ray (still a work in progress) Hawkins.