Monday, April 22, 2013

The Importance of the Bible - to me

Why I tremble
                          When I read the Bible there are times it causes me to tremble.

Why should this be so?
I tremble because I meet the Lord God Almighty in its pages. They tell me He is Holy and Just. Written within its pages are His expectations and straight out commands. I have trembled as His ten Commandments strike home to my heart. I realise I’ve fallen short of God’s standard. I’ve not measured up to Heaven’s quality assurance for entry.

I tremble when I read of the Eternal God’s love for you and me. His holiness condemns but His mercy seeks our forgiveness and cleansing. How could this be resolved? Only by someone without blemish standing in my place, your place, and taking the righteous judgement!

I fall down in gratitude to read of the One and the only One who could do it. His name is Jesus! I read of all the preparation He undertook to ensure when it happened we would recognise it. Jesus Christ overwhelms me with His grace not simply for me but for the whole world.  The cross was no accident. It was the historical, tangible, physical experience of Jesus who applied it to the spiritual realm to deal with my sin, unbelief and rebellion. He took my judgement, your judgement. His life flowed out when His blood was shed and it became our cleansing and covering. (Read Romans 5-6)

I now tremble with delight in accepting Christ Jesus as my Saviour and Lord.  There are times when I realise I’ve not been as faithful as I should have been to His calling on my life. But as I read God’s word I don’t find banishment but the opportunity for repentance and restoration.

What is the power within the pages of God’s word, the bible that causes a reader to tremble? It is the Holy Spirit making the print speak to the heart. He works a work of grace so as to bring us to and keep us true to Jesus Christ the Lord and Saviour.  In Isaiah 66:2b is this promise, God speaking, “this is the one to whom I will look, to the humble and contrite in spirit, who trembles at my word.”

Ray (the trembling) Hawkins

When I Hear Your Word

When I hear your word
I tremble
O Father, how I tremble!
When I read your word
And know your plans
My heart trembles

When I enjoy your word
I rejoice
O Jesus, how I rejoice!
When I study your word
And know your mind
My heart trembles

When I obey your word
I’m humbled
O Spirit, how I’m humbled!
When I love your word
And know your will
My heart trembles

©Ray Hawkins 21/4/2013.

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