Monday, April 15, 2013

The Importance of the Bible to me #2.

Life’s Light
‘Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.’ Psalm 119:105.

Apparently the imagery behind this verse comes from ancient footwear. Night travellers would have a special shoe with an oil lamp attached. It had a small light with enough brilliance to reveal what was just in front of the next footstep.

Here is another reason I appreciate the Bible. Sure it has a long beam of light to penetrate things unseen, such as Heaven. Yes it does have a wide ark which encompasses future events and fulfilled prophesy. What the verse quoted informs me about however is that God’s Word throws light on my everyday situations.

I switch it on, that’s called reading its content. What it then says, points to or reveals through investigation, creates an inner light show. It may be a warning light flashing about some religious scam; a moral alert about the seduction of pornography; or highlighting some unsavoury habit developing. Then again it might be a green light to confirm some decision, giving wisdom on some critical issue or making alive and personal the sense of the Lord Jesus’ pleasure.

The lighting power of the Bible never fades or dies. Its source is none other that the Eternal God. One of His characteristics is described as ‘Light–Eternal light!’ Therefore He has imbued His word with the same energy to light up our life. There have been many times over the years God’s word has influenced my footsteps unconsciously. It has thrown light upon certain pathways which would have led to unnecessary embarrassment, hurting, especially to loved ones and friends, or put me into endorsing things with which I disagree.

The Bible has shone light upon the very fundamental questions asked by the Human heart. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Is there a God? If so what is He like and what does He expect? Can I find forgiveness and deliverance from the guilt, shame and fear in my soul? No other book, secular or religious has any power to light up a person’s life, mind and heart. In fact all other books dealing with these questions actually create a deeper darkness. Often they are a cause of so much stumbling and heartbreak. 

Years have rolled over me since I first took the Bible seriously and opened its pages regularly and systematically. My only regret is that I didn’t start a few years earlier.  To have done so would have saved me from a lot of silly stumbling and shallow, selfish living which sullied the soul. Fortunately the Lord of the Bible offered cleansing and forgiveness. I still have memories but not the guilt nor the dirt.

The light God’s Word shines will continue to teach me, warm me, protect me and nurture me so long as I read it and put it into practice. Why do I have that assurance? Because the Bible has led my footsteps to meeting Jesus Christ the conqueror of Calvary! He is the Light of the Word. He is the Light of Life. He is the source of the Bible’s light. He is the Life and Light of my life. I get to know Him more and more through the Light that shines on Him through the Bible  
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