Monday, July 22, 2013


The Dreadful Words from God

Have you ever attempted to get into a movie or some other event without a ticket? You are denied the right of entry. It has nothing to do with who you are. You haven’t a ticket. Of course there are those who have ways of sneaking in or bribing the door-keepers.

That cannot be done concerning involvement in the Kingdom of God. Sure the Lord doesn’t set up a stall and sell ‘tickets’ to His kingdom. He does however have a pass that allows the guardian angels to admit the person holding it. What does the Bible say is ‘printed’ on the pass you and I must offer for acceptance into the presence of the Lord?

Jesus defined for each and everyone of us what was needed to be written on the 'pass.' It would state that the person carrying this mark was one  ‘who does the will of my Father in Heaven’. In the context the Lord states the Father isn’t impressed by mouthing words such as “Lord, Lord”. Doing miracles and making prophesies doesn’t impress God. In fact the Eternal God doesn’t recognise them in any capacity. Without the proper certification they would not gain admission. In fact they are dismissed from His presence. (Matthew 7:21- 23) His dreadful words ' I never knew you, go away from me you evildoers' would linger in their mind for all eternity.

The question each must ask and follow through on is simply ‘What is the will of God?’ I need to limit this to the consideration of entrance into the Kingdom of God.  Once we have that assurance we will discover the Lord has other expressions of His will for us to undertake. Such obedience isn’t for entrance into the Kingdom. We would already be there. Rather it is for enjoyment in the Kingdom.

In John 6 is a most wonderful message from Jesus. Verse 40: ‘This is indeed the will of my Father, that all who see the Son and believe in him may have eternal life…’ Therefore to enter the realm of God depends on your relationship with Jesus. Is he your example? No ticket there! Is he one of many ways to God? No ticket there! Is he simply a myth or a misrepresented historical figure? All those views are a slap in the face to the Father’s integrity; the Bible’s accuracy and the defaming of the person and work of Jesus the Christ. In fact according to 1 John 5:10 by doing such things you are calling God the Father a liar! Then people with such attitudes and belief systems wonder why the righteous Lord burns with anger and will bar them from His Kingdom.

As you can realise it isn’t who you are or what credentials you have that impresses God. What He looks for is whose you are! Actually your ticket into God’s kingdom, which is open now is in reality the person of Jesus Christ. It is as you are accompanied by Him that the grace of the Eternal Father envelopes you, embraces you and accepts you.  To feed your heart and mind on this read the 1st letter of John found near the end of the Bible.

Jesus becomes your Lord and Saviour by a commitment of faith based upon the knowledge of Him presented in the Bible. By such a decision you are doing the will of God. In the mind of the Father you are accepted into His Kingdom. The spiritual reality will, in His appointed time, become a tangible reality. What lies ahead until then is to get to know the Lord Jesus through His Word, worship and witness.

To let unbelief rule your heart will keep you out of the Kingdom. Why? It is such an insult to  the Lord's grace and you are actually calling Him a liar. All that awaits such a person is to experience the Lord God's dark-side. Not a pleasant prospect. 

2 Corinthians 6:2  reminds us: Now is the acceptable time; see, now is the day of salvation.' Escape from God's darkside now! Call out to the risen Lord Jesus to be your Saviour, Lord and companion in life, through death and into His Father’s Kingdom.

Ray (who obeyed the will of the Father) Hawkins.

This completes the series.

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