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The Darkside of God #2.

The Dark Side of God #2

What God Hates

Hatred is so corrosive to the human heart.
The first murder stemmed from Cain’s anger over his brother’s sacrifice being accepted whilst his was rejected. Anger festered into hatred. Hatred killed. (Genesis ch.4)

Why then does the Bible tell us that there are things within the human heart and experience He hates? Could I suggest there isn’t any comparison between the heart of God and our hearts. He is Holy, we are corrupt. He has no cause to feel threatened by anyone or thing. Our hatred usually stems from  some selfish motive, perceived or real hurt, fear or greed.

The Lord does not hate certain things because they are a threat to Him. Rather it is because of what such hatred does to His people, His creation and His beauty within a person. Consider the following passages in the light of how serious the Lord God of Hosts views the pernicious matters raised.

In our previous blog we saw how idolatry was an abomination to God. This is reinforced in Deuteronomy 12:31: ‘you must not do the same (as the nations do) because every abhorrent thing that the Lord hates they have done for their gods.’

The Psalmist asserts that the God he knows has a hatred for evildoers and lovers of violence. Stop for a moment. He hates those who do such things and yet! An yet it was for just such people (and all others) His Son, Jesus, died for on the cross.  Therefore while God hates the actions and their results He has done all in His power to deliver people from out of the promised judgement.

In Proverbs 6:16-19 are listed another six we considered in  the previous blog. In chapter 8:13 the author records four more attitudes of the heart offensive to the character of God. Pride, arrogance, the way of evil and perverted speech make up issues we would all wrestle with from time to time.

Over and over there is a theme in the prophets of how God loathes meaningless, faithless and corrupt worship. People with hearts far from God yet put on a show for onlookers are scorned by the One they profess to worship. We must always remember that the Lord sees the heart, weighs the motives, not how precise the ritual is performed. Amos 5:21: ‘I hate, I despise your festivals, and I take no delight in your solemn assemblies.’ In verse 24 He called for the priests and people to cause a flood of justice and righteousness to fill the land. A cry I think can still be heard today.

In the climactic book of the Bible, Revelation we are confronted with what must sum up the cause of God’s hatred. In chapter 2:6 and 15 we read of Christ’s hatred for the works of the lawless and their teachings. How do these two bundle up all those listed above, and more? Because the corrupt human heart rejects the righteous and holy Law of God and replaces it with their own views, prejudices, ways of worship and morality!

The hatred the Lord God holds towards such motives and actions is only overcome by His grace. He has provided forgiveness and cleansing from such self destructive and eternally damning residents in the soul. That is the wonder, the power, the thrill for us about the cross of Christ. God loved us so much He has dealt with the things He hated within each of us. However to make His love effective personally requires a personal handing over of your life to Him through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Ray (no longer hated) Hawkins

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