Tuesday, July 16, 2013

All in 2 Night
By Lynne Burgess. Printed by EBP.

Reviewed This 140 page book is designed with activities for Christian families.
So why am I reviewing it? I’m retired and have a small cottage with my wife Mary. We are however grandparents! Therefore such a book can be a useful resource for when the children visit or stay for an extended period.

Also, I cheated a little! I gave it to my Daughter–in –Law. Rachelle and Craig have six children. Rachelle told me she appreciated this one even better than the first one (which I haven’t read). She found one or two sections very helpful.

For me I appreciated the first chapter. It was a simple and frank sharing of the author’s heart and the motivation for developing a program for her children. (This has since spread and been used by a wide cross section of people and a school program).

Chapter two is an honest account of her life’s journey. I found it both sad and reassuring. Sad because of her experiences which far, far too many have experienced. Encouraging because it put before the reader the grace and faithfulness of Jesus Christ along the rugged road!  I’m sure that many will be blessed by just reading  ‘The Importance of Breaking the Generational Cycle.’

Lynne is unapologetic as she encourages stay at home mums to be comfortable with their calling. She does add however ‘I would encourage any stay at home mums of babies or preschoolers to have other interests in their lives.’ Lynne then offers some ways by which this can be achieved. (Page 17)

I liked the following quote: ‘Jesus collects all the pieces of our lives and makes sure nothing is wasted. It is like looking at a stained glass window. It’s just a bunch of fragmented pieces of glass but,  when viewed through the sunlight, it becomes an amazing tapestry of colour and beauty. God wants to take the broken fragmented pieces of our life and create something beautiful with each of us.’ (page 19)

For those with young families this book will be a fine resource. There are suggestions for 40 weeks, one ‘time out’ per week. However, it isn’t a book of magical prescriptions. To make it work will require more than good intentions. A husband and wife must agree to share in it and persevere for many it will be new territory. However the outcomes hold much family enjoyment, memories and gratitude from the children as they grow in a family nurtured by love, faith and fun.

Ray Hawkins author of ‘Children –God’s Special Interest; From Eden with Love (on Marriage). http://rayhawkinsauthor.blogspot.com.au

15 - 19 July

is Introducing

(Even Before Publishing March 2013)


Lynne Burgess

About the Author
Lynne and Chris have raised five children who are now adults. Lynne's practical experience comes from the quality time spent with her own children. She successfully implemented her All-In Night for over 16 years using simple yet productive activities that included the whole family. She now shares these ideas at speaking events and through her book.

About the book
All-In Night is a family routine. For one night of the week everyone stays home. By spending ten to twenty minutes together, you can learn and talk about the things that matter. Following on from Lynne's original book this set of new activities is designed especially with Christian families in mind. An activity or discussion point each week. The book includes 40 weeks of activities, designed as 1 per week of the school year.Activities include love languages, listening for God, self-esteem, the fruits of the spirit and many more. These fun and simple family activities provide an opportunity to grow values, goals, hopes, feelings and the foundation for a Christ led life. All-in Night works with two kids or ten. Let it become the heart of your family's life.

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