Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When the Mask is Washed

Screams, sobs and some small tantrums came from the bathroom. The five year old was having a bath. Not any old every day type of dunking. No! It meant the butterfly painted on that morning at the fair was going down the gurgler. The five year old felt it was a catastrophe never to recover from.

How similar to adults. The issue will not be a painted butterfly but some other seemingly important matter. Being older means we may not scream, sob or do a tantrum. We may brood, sulk, and resent God when He drags us off to be washed by His Word. Our masks are not painted but they can be hiding the real self. The Lord isn't interested in the mask. He loves the real you, the real me.

When we enter into God's realm He gives us a spiritual bath. It is internal and it is eternal. His design is a complete make-over. The victory of Christ Jesus at the cross on our behalf deals with the self-righteous camouflage, the stain of sinfulness and the bruises from shame.

After the bath and when the next day came the five year old had moved on from the attachment to the face painting.The same happens to us when the Lord removes the masks and the stains and bruises of our inner being. A new person emerges to face a new day with a new freshness.

Therefore maybe it is time for God to give some of us a new wash through confronting us with the 'water of His word.'

Ray (thankful for the wash) Hawkins

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