Sunday, November 11, 2012

African memories.

Africa In Our Hearts

We left something in Africa – part of our hearts. We brought back lots from that country, including precious memories. Mary and I had the privilege of going three times to this continent on short term mission study tours. We were led by Roger Ellem and experienced village life, various slums and gracious hospitality and inspirational church involvement.
Mary and I with Pastor Abel and Family - Zambia

Some mementos sit on our shelves, photos adorn walls and albums. Whenever Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Ghana make the news we become transfixed to radio or Television. I only have one real regret, we were not in the position to have done this sooner when younger so we could have gone more often.

Keeping a daily journal keeps the memory fresh when reread. That kept nagging me to make a more disciplined account of some of our discoveries of our Lord’s faithfulness and His church’s experiences in our lives. This became the basis of my first serious attempt at writing. It took the form of a 31 day devotional. Since then I’ve had four other devotional books on different themes published by Even Before Publishing 

The Neurotic Rooster was the African publication. It has been used by others who have considered and then gone on short term mission trips. The title came from a rooster who used the roof of where we stayed for his perch. I think he was worried about snakes or cats or...? Anyway his nocturnal habits kept us awake and nearly made us neurotic. The account is briefly outlined in the devotional.

I would like to offer a couple of these books to interested folk in a giveaway draw opportunity. If you would like one simply make a comment to go into the draw. This would be limited to Australia and New Zealand. However if someone from outside that zone commented who knows what might happen!

This will be open until November 30.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ray (African daydreamer) Hawkins,


  1. HI Ray - our family lived in Kitwe,Zambia from end of 1968 through to 1974 and often went to Fiwale Hill and Kufulafuta. Like you we have many wonderful memories of our lovely Zambian neighbours as well as the country. My parents and younger sister (who was born in Zambia) later lived in Zimbabwe from 1984-1989. With family links to South Africa as well - Africa is in our hearts. Jeanette

  2. Hi Jenny - thanks for your comments. Mary and I were in Fiwale Hill in 1997 and 2001. We stayed in Kufulafuta in 1997 and the photo is from that time in front of their church manse. We stayed in the left hand room. The couple of weeks we spent in the village was a joy even if sometimes uncomfortable.
    I've put your name in my draw for the 'Neurotic Rooster.'