Monday, November 19, 2012

By Whose Authority

On what authority do you stand to make the claims you make?     
Over the years questions like that have arisen when either sharing or debating moral or religious matters. Knowing what you believe and why is important. However is the ground on which you take your stand solid or a quagmire?

Ultimately the foundation on which we build our faith, our hope, our lifestyle will be tested. There are consequences, some not perceived or desired, from believing what we believe. There is a looming debate concerning euthanasia. People want the right to end their own life when, where and how they choose. Sounds reasonable. However I wonder on what authority do they make the decision? What is their authority about life or non life after death?Have they made adequate preparation to meet God? How do they consider Him (or her or it)?
What is the authority of their view?

For me my authority for life, living and dying is the Judeo-Christian Bible. In ever increasing circles the Bible is being ignored or merged with other religious writings and sometimes the secular tomes as well. I would like to say that if the Koran, the Hindu scriptures, Book of mormon and the theories of evolution were put under the same intense scrutiny as the Bible has endured they would crumble.

In every field of investigation the Bible has stood the test and has come through without blemish. This isn't the space to expand on it but there are websites,books and videos upholding the integrity and veracity of the Bible. The main reason people refuse to accept its authority is because it upholds a view of God as holy and the sinfulness of humanity.  To imagine ourselves as acceptable to God either elevates our goodness or sullies God's holiness. To accept the Bible's authority requires us to cry out for a Saviour.

Who can claim to be that Saviour? On what tested and tried authority can such a Saviour be trusted? No one measures up apart from Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, crucified, risen and coming again! What is my authority. The Bible! Is this wishful thinking? No! It is the result of research, historical events, archealogical support, language and culture from the times of writing, and the eye witness accounts of those who wrote about Jesus.

My authority doesn't come from my own conceits or wishful thinking. I stand on solid ground, the Bible. How solid is your ground? 

Ray (standing on solid ground) Hawkins

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