Sunday, February 4, 2018

Look beyond appearances.

What do you see,
When you look at me
Confined though I be
Through age and frailty?

            Look beyond my decrepit form.
            Despise not my senility.
            Peer beneath my wrinkled brow,
                                                                    Discover my true identity.

 A passer-by sees but ‘the outer’
Unaware of the real ‘inner’.
Hidden within are many stories
Of love, loss, faith and glory,
Friendships, family, history,
All which moulded me
Though they, you will not see,
Made me, me!

            To see only my frailty
            Cheapens my humanity.
            If un-mendable,
            I’m expendable,

Come, ask me about my history.
Listen as I share my journey
Of difficult turbulent years,
Upheaval too, but triumph’s tears
And joys shared with my peers.
We had community, we belonged!
Life was tough, friendships strong,
Things for which I do so long.

            Now our importunity
            Is your opportunity
            To give us dignity
            In compassion’s sincerity

 You, like I, must walk from youth to age
Each step you’ll write upon life’s page,
Face it with faith in the God who cares.
Through His word, in times of despair,
Find wisdom and hope so as to endure,
And by His grace stand ‘true blue’ and pure
So when your life’s race and battles end
You’ll be received by the Lord as His friend.

For Christ‘s promise to you, me,
Because of the cross of Calvary
And His resurrection victory,
We can share in His eternity.  

 ©Ray Hawkins Feb.1 2018



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