Sunday, May 7, 2017

The U.N murders History

History is being ‘murdered’ at the U.N. UNESCO has just been quoted as saying Israel hasn’t any legitimate to Jerusalem. That’s on top of the announcements some weeks ago that the Nation had no prior claim to the land. This isn’t rewriting history, it is killing it, carving it up and trying to dispose of it to our minds.

I wonder what Nebuchadnezzar would say to those officials from the floor of UN headquarters. Did he spend years subjugating a non-existent nation holed up in a non-existent Jerusalem? Was Daniel a figment of Nebuchadnezzar’s paranoia? Of course it also means such kings as Sennacherib, Pharaoh Necho, and Antiochus Epiphany, to name a few, never existed also. Apparently the Maccabeus’ are a fairy story and Jesus birth in Bethlehem actually took place somewhere else (if they believe it happened at all). That then raises the matter of the Passover, Roman crucifixion, Christ on the cross and His resurrection.

This is the same assembly of people who have appointed Saudi Arabia to safeguard the rights of women. There must be something in the air at their Headquarters. They need to have someone check the ventilation system. Someone is contaminating the air conditioning and stealing the delegate’s brains.

I would imagine one or two representatives from Nations influenced by Christian ideals and history took a stand on this.

If ever some doubted the unseen but insidious force running rampant across the world surely, just surely, the UN must eradicate such uncertainty. In 1 John 5:19 the writer says it simply and plainly, this world is under the control of the Evil One. His intent is to deny Israel its Biblically and Historically stated existence. His aim is to eliminate it as a nation and to claim Jerusalem and Mt. Zion as His own. How sad it is for us to witness the wilful or witless collusion of the UN in this!

What is shaping up is a confrontation between Truth and the Lie. For those with any sense of Biblical information between their ears they must know the Lord won’t let this pass. The prophet Zechariah said things to his generation which we need to heed today, “he who touches Israel touches the apple of His (God’s) eye!” I am glad that the Lord has great patience towards we stupid mortals. However, there is just so many pokes in the eye even God can endure.

Though people may reject the Bible’s testimony on many issues History is lettered with accounts of its truthfulness, accuracy and judgements. That being the case (no matter how the UN tries to murder such history) learn what it says on Israel. Otherwise, it isn’t a pleasant thought to have a fight with the Everlasting Lord.

To close this blog I’ll simply quote some passages which highlight the Lord God of Host’s interest in, love of and identification with Israel – the land and the people.

The Land is ‘My Land’ says the Creator. Jeremiah 2:7  16:18   Joel 2:18.

He has allocated it to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Deuteronomy 4:40, 11:21 etc.

The Nation of Israel is His Creation for His purposes (some fulfilled, some yet to be. Psalm 33:12.  Isaiah 43:21.  Psalm 147:19-20.

Jerusalem is His city. Psalm 48. Isaiah 60:14.  Zechariah 3:2. 8:3

It is to Mount of Olives that the Lord will one day set His feet Zechariah 14:3-4. (compare Acts 1:9-12).

Forces in high places are coercing Governments and the masses to believe a lie, actually, many lies. The only counter-offensive is to know the Truth – historically and Biblically – and perhaps your stand will help someone be saved from fighting against the Lord God of Hosts.

©Ray Hawkins 7 May 2017.