Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Devil's 'Game Plan.'

If it wasn’t for the Bible we would be clueless about why our world is disintegrating. It alone defines a corrupt spiritual being whose intention is to replace the Creator and Redeemer God. The Bible also details this creatures personality, game plan and

Destruction. Therefore, it should not surprise any of us that he wants to degrade, despoil and destroy the Judeo-Christian Scriptures.

His strategy hasn’t changed since trapping Eve in doubt and Adam through passion for Eve above obedience to God’s command. Since that time Humanity has been infested with a twisted nature that it sympathetic to the Devil’s tactics. This prince of darkness isn’t interest in those in his kingdom. He wants their devotion and alliance in undermining the moral relationships, spiritual principles and truth of God’s word.

Whilst all these have been under attack since Eden, and thwarted by God’s servants, the Devil never gives up. It would seem that in recent decades he senses his judgement is drawing closer. Therefore his game plan is being put into higher gears to try and prove the Lord Jesus false and His word untrue. How is he doing this in our day?

With determination the Devil has stuck to his game plan which is to corrupt then control. Look around. It is easy to see his foul touch through undermining the very ideals, nobility and preciousness of the Bible’s values. Evolution has attempted (without proof) to deny God’s existence and creative power. However, it is seized upon for it appeals to the dark-side of the human heart. As one T-shirt put it ‘No God – No judgement’. Chance therefore denies absolutes. Goodbye Truth. Farewell Ten Commandments! Evolution kills morality’s foundation and denies the need of a Saviour. As Psalm 11:3 ‘If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?’ Without absolutes undergirding society the quicksand of chaos envelopes it.

Jesus told two parables relevant to this discussion. One was of a woman adding to the flour some leaven (yeast) which slowly infiltrated and corrupted it. Leaven is a Biblical term for sin, false teaching and immoral behaviour. (Matthew 13:33) The other was the sowing of weed seeds (tares) amongst the good seeds. (Matthew 13:24-30) Both instances require time for their evil intent to surface. Think about the corrupting of the following.

The beautiful sign of the rainbow after the flood in Noah time has been perverted into the gay and lesbian flag. That which promised hope has been sullied by a lifestyle condemned by Scripture. Now, should anyone try and show such supporters and practitioners the way out of this lifestyle (read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and elsewhere) they are threatened and face jail.  The preciousness of a man and woman being one in marriage is being tortured and twisted by proponents of same sex marriage. The list of corrupting practices include abortion, euthanasia, blatant pornography on T.V accessible to children, (then they cry crocodile tears as children are abused). When you read Leviticus 18 every one of God’s prohibitions on sexual immorality and deviant behaviour is promoted on computer websites.

To close this article – which really is incomplete – I want to mention the Devil’s hatred of Israel. You cannot read the Bible and not see he wants what the Lord God gave to this Nation. The land and especially the Temple Mount. To get it, the Devil must destroy that Nation. This he has attempted to do numerous times. Wittingly or unwittingly the United Nations is aiding and abetting him in his plans. The members, and other, of that organisation should read Psalm 2 and realise the path of defeat and destruction they are on.

The Bible’s teaching are absolute! By them a person’s lifestyle and relationship will be judged. God’s word offers a better way; a better hope; better relationships and lifestyle. Within its pages is also the story of the Lord Jesus who transforms lives and makes them fit to walk the better way. (1 Timothy 1:13-17).

Next week: The Lord’s overthrow of the Devil’s game plan.

©Ray Hawkins 28 May 2017.

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