Sunday, April 23, 2017

The explosive power of the Cross.

The name for the explosive ‘dynamite’ comes from the Greek word ‘dunamis.’ That’s some indication of how the writers of the New Testament viewed God’s power. The word is used to describe the works of Christ in healing people, neutralising Satan’s control of people and in rising from the dead.

Is that relevant to people in this century far removed from Christ’s day? As He is the unchanging Lord and His word is alive and active too, it has exciting implications. In writing to the Corinthian church the Apostle Paul explained how Christ’s power is inherent in the Cross. In what way? In the impact the message of the death, entombment and resurrection of Jesus has on people. Some stumble over it! Many think it stupid! However, for others it has a life transforming, destiny changing, relationship enriching explosive effect.

That and much, much more is wrapped up in the word salvation. When the Gospel is shared and believed it become the power of God within the believer’s life. Those things which pollute our memory, offend our conscience, cripple our self-esteem, make us fearful of death and facing God and a myriad of other things are exploded. God has dealt with them at the cross of Christ. When a person accepts that fact, personally, then the Lord’s power does an eternal make-over. The past is done away in His sight. He opens up a new era for you (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Does it last? Without a doubt. Countless the testimonies to that fact. From the New Testament the one I stand amazed at is found in 1 Timothy 1:11-17. He was a murderer, blasphemer, outwardly religious, violently arrogant. He called himself the chief of sinners. However, the grace of the Lord Jesus and the power of the cross changed him. He became the greatest of all missionaries. His testimony is that if the explosive power of the cross of Christ did that for him, it will change anyone. The condition which lights the ‘fuse.’ Hearing the message of Christ and the cross then believing it!

In his final letter before being martyred under Nero’s decree Paul wrote, he had finished the race, kept the faith and looked forward to meeting the Lord. One of his final instructions to Timothy was ‘Preach the Word!’ What word? The word of the cross is foolish to those who perish, but to those who believe it is the dynamite of God for salvation.

1.The power of the cross                                         3.The power of the cross,
Is the Word of Calvary!                                          The message from Calvary.
Promised through prophesy,                                Forgiveness now offered.
Fulfilled in history.                                                 Heaven now opened.
Unveiled, the mystery                                            Sin’s penalty now paid
Of His majesty                                                         Wrath now pacified,
            As                                                                                   By
Emmanuel,                                                               Taking our condemnation,
Son of God,                                                               Suffering our judgement,
Redeemer,                                                                 Purging our defilement,
Who was called, Jesus!                                           When they crucified Jesus!

2.The power of the cross                                       4.The power of the cross
The purpose of Calvary                                           Cancelled the shame of Calvary
Planned before creation                                         Transformed into glory
To secure our salvation,                                         That resurrection morning
Birthed in Bethlehem                                            When the angel declared,
Fulfilled in Jerusalem                                            “He is not here. He has risen”
                 As                                                                                    Now
The promised One,                                                  He is Saviour and Lord,
Suffering Servant,                                                   With a Name above all names,
Passover ‘Lamb,’                                                      Before whom all creation bows.
To be Messiah Jesus!                                              The Word of Calvary’s cross –

copyright Ray Hawkins April 2017.

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