Sunday, December 18, 2016

Clues defining Christmas.

Christmas is no standalone festival. It is tied with unbreakable cords to Calvary. Both of these testimonies to Jesus are bound within the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. Cynics glibly dismiss their historicity or speak simplistically of either or both.

Christmas has woven within the books from Genesis to Malachi ‘jigsaw’ clues to the future coming of a Kinsman-Redeemer through Israel. Some are easy to find, others well camouflaged. The possibility of them all merging into one person at one moment in time is astronomical, impossible! Yet Jesus issued the challenge to check Him out through the Jewish Bible and see whether or not the clues point to Him.

Similarly, with Calvary and the events leading up to the cross numerous clues are presented. The challenge of the Bible is for the sincere investigator to assemble the clues, compile a picture and measure it against the Gospel accounts about Jesus.

Truth awaits the seeker. Truth eludes the insincere, the lazy and those happy to be ignorant. The importance of knowing the Truth is always in its power to save from falsehood and living a lie. In regards to discovering the Truth about Jesus the fallout has implications for time and eternity.

Christmas and Calvary actually provide a beautiful unity in which each fulfils the other reason for existing. So, when I celebrate Christmas it is because of the Easter (Jewish Passover) event. When I participate in the resurrection remembrance of Jesus I’m conscious of why Christmas was necessary.

As I close and wish you the wonder, the joy and the promise of Christmas I do it in the certainty of the events of Calvary and the garden tomb. The following poem sums it up.

Christmas and Calvary linked

The cross, would over the manger hover,
Straw, freshly cut the babe did cover.
Yet portraying a tomb, new and unused
Jesus’ body, newly crucified laid inside
Until His resurrection cast death aside.

When angels sang at Jesus’ birth
They proclaimed the One beyond earth
Whose destiny pointed to Calvary!
There, His body would taste death’s savagery,
Leaving scars, His risen body’s testimony.

When the Heaven’s blazed with light
Satan’s kingdom shuddered with fright.
His plan, eradicate Jesus permanently
By crucifixion, on charges of blasphemy
All annulled, when Jesus rose triumphantly!

On the 3rd day the earth quaked, the stone rolled,
Now shown, the tomb empty, as was foretold.
Christmas’ mission fulfilled at Calvary
Our forgiveness offered through their unity,
Verified by Christ’s resurrection victory!
©Ray Hawkins Dec. 2016.


  1. Another wonderful reflection. Paragraph 4 sums up so much of what I feel Christmas has become for so many. It is sad that for so many the truth of Christmas is missing and they are happy to celebrate friends, family, Santa Claus, eating, drinking, ... without a thought of the One whose birth we celebrate at this time and reflect on the reason. Thanks for the challenges and inspiration of your weekly blog Ray. I wish you a beautifully blessed Christmas and know it will be filled with the true wonder of the celebration.

  2. Thanks Keith, To miss the truth of Christmas is to miss Christmas. It simply becomes n excuse to party. You too have a great Christmas and be surprised by god in 2017.