Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas mayhem shopping.

Christmas shopping in our Western World is mayhem and madness. Watching the stampedes as shoppers invade stores for so called bargains is frightening. I wonder how many sing the Christmas time blues throughout the new year as they either repay credit cards or enrich pharmacists for medication to ease battered and bruised bodies. A lot of serious commentary could be said about this mania.  But, we all know about it, a few are fortunate to escape it and others revel in the tussle, bustle and hustle  of competing for the bargains.
So, I resurrected a poem to share. It's light hearted without any moral, pious or hidden meaning. If any men read it, they might relate to it. Women, if they have time from their shopping to read this blog, may see me as a misogynist with a fear of shops and sale persons. Not completely correct - only half true. However, the greater worry for all should be over the commercialising of the beauty of Christmas.

There’s no stopping my wife
When she takes me shopping.
All is fair game.
No sense of shame
In the shopping mall jungle
Where she loves to trundle
With Christmas bundle
Of things marked down
From DVD's to dressing gowns.

Down one floor
Up another,
From basement buys
To roof-top highs.
Single file we tramp
To outfit me
For Christmas revelry,
Cost effectively.

Sale persons
Quake in fear
As we draw near.
They’ve seen it before.
Coming through the door
Woman towing man,
She with a gleam,
He fit to scream.
Fearing the worst,
Forbidden to curse,
They guard the racks,
Take children out the back
                                                                    Safe from a wife
Who takes husband shopping. 

Returning home,
Hearing moans,
Seeing tears,
Neighbours peer.
A husband, burdened with gear
From knees to ears.
Women cheer.
Men steer clear.

All seem to know
What I’m carrying
Is not for me,
But for she...
...Who took me shopping.

Then when Christmas comes we sing "Peace on earth, goodwill to men!"
Raymond N. & Mary E Hawkins (C) 4/12/2016

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