Sunday, February 8, 2015

Let's Blame God!

God gets bad press whenever something upsets us. Whether it is personal sorrow, inflicted by self or others, God is accused as the perpetrator. The catastrophes of war and disease are said to be preventable, if God did something about them.
During the week of February 1st 2015 Stephen Fry, well known actor and T.V. personality, added his unflattering assessment about God. Given an opportunity to charge the Creator, who Stephen doesn’t believe exists anyway, he would call Him a monster. There is something within the human psyche which doesn’t want to accept personal responsibility for the world’s turmoil. People want God to stop what they don’t like but ignore what they do like doing, despite the fact God is offended by their actions and attitude. Imagine the howls of protest if the Lord God of Holiness enforced His standard of morality as set out in the Bible.

By blaming God for personal issues and the mess the World is in gives people a sense of moral superiority. It makes them judges of what should be and innocent victims when reaping what they have sown. What is also revealed is an ignorance of why the nations, societies and individuals are in such a sorry and warlike state. To reject the very existence of God doesn’t solve the problem. It actually compounds the despair and injustices with hopelessness for wrong can never be righted by a higher entity. To have a sense of God but no framework by which to understand Him (or Her or It) will give rise to all types of weird and not so wonderful images.

The God who seems to be silent and invisible has not left Humankind in the dark about His Being. He has spoken! He has left His imprimatur upon Creation (see below for some references). He has raised up certain scribes through whom He has made His defence for why things are as they are in the World. At the same time this God of holiness and truth has expressed what He requires from each of us and that there is a future accounting. More than that, what has been recorded promises a whole New World Order in which righteousness, truth, grace and love rule. Unfortunately, this means that those who curse God and reject righteousness and truth are denied entrance.

Where can we find the mind of the vocal God and signposts pointing to places where His presence is felt and ‘fingerprints’ are evident? In the 66 books called the Judeo-Christian Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Some may still want to accuse the Author of these books as being out of touch with our human condition. “You don’t understand what I’m facing, feeling or fleeing!” Such thinking is a universe away from reality. Here is the wonder of the invisible God, untouchable by sinful people. He has come into our world and in our form and within world history. The Bible revealed Him as Jesus (Greek translation of the Hebrew Joshua) who lived in Israel under Rome’s occupation. He understands the Human situation more than we can ever realise. Because of that He has set in motion Heavenly forces to usher in new beginnings and a new relationship with God and a hope which stand with you in the darkest of times.

How can anyone be sure of this promise?
Consider who Jesus is, what He has taught but more than that, what He achieved. For when He was crucified this Jesus became the vilest of the vile and the lowest of the low. How? He was cursed by National leaders, forsaken by friends but that wasn’t the issue. Jesus willingly identified with you, me, all creation in our blaming God the Father for our sin, indifference, plight, although Jesus in and of Himself was sinless. In essence Jesus said to the Father “put all their offences on me. Let me bear your Judgement upon them. Use this unjust verdict of the cross to offer forgiveness, hope and a new lifestyle for men and women”.

What a wonderful ideal. How do we know it happened and does the offer still stands? Because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Because the good news of His triumph is still being offered and people are being transformed from hopelessness to
godliness and purpose. This doesn’t mean believers in Jesus will be immune from life’s sorrows and uncertainties. What it means is they have an understanding of why the world is a mess and what the Lord has done to change it.

Let Jesus lift you out of the ‘blame game’ and into the ‘acclaim game’ of gratitude to God. For whether the World likes it or not, God will have the last word. Because of faith in Jesus His word will be “welcome”. Reject Jesus as Lord and Saviour and insist on blaming God for ‘whatever’ is to hear the dreadful last word “depart”.

Some Bible readings.
Psalm 19.

Isaiah 53.

Romans 1.

Hebrews 1.

Hebrews 4

©Ray Hawkins February 15 2015

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