Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cultivating Romance

Last week I wrote about ‘Destroying Romance'. It was thoughts formed from Song of Solomon 2:15. There the emphasis was on the dangers of ‘little foxes’. Today, I follow on with another consideration on Romance from the same verse. The man, after giving the warning, goes on to refer to their lives as ‘vineyard in blossom’.

Now I’m not a reader of Romance (except what my wife has written). Therefore, all you Romance writers/readers may need to be gracious and forgiving as I express the following thoughts on ‘cultivating Romance’. Think about it. Strangers meet. There is an acceptance which develops into friendship. Something called ‘the chemistry of the heart’ begins its creative influence. It causes more appreciative looks at the other person and takes a boy and a girl into the field of romance. This is a delightful time, yet there are ‘rocks of uncertainty’ scattered in this field to be removed. As these are dealt with, the Romantics transform that field into a Lover’s vineyard.

It is wonderful to romp in the field of romance. Many unfortunately fail to turn it into a lover’s vineyard. Romance loses its appeal if it isn’t sown with fruit producing vines. No ‘grapes’ means no distilling of love’s intoxicating wine.

Romance should lead to cultivating its field and planting the vines to nourish lasting love. Time, meaning patience, is the essence. Mutual attention to detail and protection is the special domain called marriage. By calling this husband and wife union a ‘vineyard’ implies it’s a long term investment. As they cultivate their relationship, a special and unique boutique wine is brewed.

When a man and a woman consider the other in the marriage relationship as his/her vineyard a mindset develops. Each will guard the welfare, integrity and uniqueness of the other. They will guard their special ground as being greater than worldly pleasure or accumulating treasure. As each realises that truth personally the fruit of their relationship nourishes them. This is vital as together they face life’s fickle weather and the attempted inroads of predators. Such is the emotion behind the warning about little foxes.

Beware of little foxes’.

 Dearly beloved, dearly beloved, let us be on guard.

Little foxes, little foxes seek out our lovers ‘vineyard’.

Dearly beloved, dearly beloved watch o’er our romance.

Little foxes, little foxes want to spoil our lover’s dance.

Chase those little foxes from our lives.

Know them, seize them, cage their hides.

Beware that little fox called ‘taken for granted,’

Slay it with the spear of ‘love undaunted’.

Catch that little fox named ‘being spiteful’.

Overcome it with the dart of grace bountiful.

Other little foxes seek to enter in.

Debar with the sword that still slays sin.

Dearly beloved, dearly beloved let our romance thrive.

Little foxes, little foxes cannot, will not survive

Dearly beloved, dearly beloved our love’s devotion.

Little foxes, little foxes fear such intoxication.

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Dedication and devotion see beyond the labour placed upon the man and the woman in developing and maintaining their love. Each enjoys the other in the ever changing periods of life. In so doing they taste the fruit and the wine which comes in due season. Romance leads to love but it isn’t meant to cease. Love’s ‘vineyard’ is meant to be where Romance fully blooms, is maintained, enjoyed and finds its fulfilment in senior years. Vintage wine is the result of good fruit being well distilled and carefully stored. That’s God’s intention for a man and a woman who enter the field of Romance and cultivate it according to His manual.

 ©Ray Hawkins 26.1.2015.





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