Sunday, July 13, 2014

There's a Moral Whirlwind Forming

Cyclones, typhoons and whirlwinds are not chance events. They require a combination of weather patterns for them to form. When such conditions exist it is only a matter of time before their destructive fury is felt.

In the moral and spiritual realm of society there is a similar principle. Things do not change overnight for good or ill. Rather, there are seemingly small steps taken which either lead a society into the pit or up to the mountain top. If a person took the time to seriously consider the World scene surely they must sense a moral whirlwind forming. Living, as I do, in a Western Christianised Democracy the ‘weather’ conditions for our country experiencing a moral ‘cyclone’ is on red alert.

Hosea saw the moral and spiritual whirlwind forming in his time. It struck the Northern Kingdom called Israel. The nation had forsaken the covenant with God, were prosperous and idolatrous and immoral. They also neglected the poor. ‘They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.’ (Hosea 8:7) What Hosea wrote has implications for societies today. As in his day so it will be in ours, the innocent suffer, God is cursed for allowing what was sowed to be reaped and a society collapses.

Our country is envied around the world for its prosperity and safety. Its history isn’t perfect but through it all the principles of the Christian Faith gave it a strong foundation for moral and spiritual strength. Over recent decades this foundation has been chipped away by various hostile forces and ideologies. How has this created conditions for whirlwinds of chaos, destruction and sorrow? Simply by degrading or denying moral and spiritual absolutes on which a stable and secure society can face life and experience certainty with enjoyment.

Over the past century or so children were fed the theory of evolution as the basis for understanding who they were, how the world came into being. Ultimately they were fed the lie that they were mere offspring of chance or ‘space junk.’ At the same time the Christian view of creation, life and morality was lampooned, undermined and discarded by so many of these impressionable young people. They are now part of the ‘weather conditions’ for the approaching moral whirlwind and they haven’t a place of refuge.

What then are the ‘climate’ indicators pointing to onrushing destructive forces? What are their intentions? Simple, destroy our Christian heritage. By believing people are basically offspring of nothing, according to evolution, that means they are worthless. Therefore, murder through abortion or euthanasia cannot be a crime. There isn’t any higher authority before whom we are accountable. A judge recently declared that incest could one day be viewed in the same manner as same-sex marriage which people are now beginning to accept accepting (unfortunately). He has been stood down, at least temporarily. But his comments ring true. Why? Because there isn’t any absolute foundation on which to reject such disgusting actions. A Christian Defence Force person was dismissed from the Army because he challenged the Army’s involvement in the immoral and political Mardi-Gras parade. The Army’s involvement in such political activity goes against their own charter. It was because of his Christian belief on which he would not back down he was dismissed. It is alright to defame Jesus but woe-be-tide anyone who does it to Mohammed or any other religious leader.

There are other factors also in play as the whirlwind forms. The Christian Bible shows them up for
what they are and what they end up creating and destroying. Occult and pagan practices, drugs, slavery and sexual deviant behaviour to name just a few. Perhaps the term Lawlessness gives them a blanket covering. The word isn’t about criminals. It is about a society rejecting the moral and spiritual framework for a safe, secure and happy life. Lawlessness is a conscious rejection of such teaching as the Ten Commandments, personal accountability before God the heavenly judge, Creation and sin, Heaven and Hell, forgiveness, grace, holiness and mercy.

Does the Bible offer any place of Refuge from the onrushing fury of an uncontrollable whirlwind? Yes! It is a moral and spiritual place of safety constructed by Christ Jesus and made plain in His Word, the Bible. It says each of us are made in the image of God although we have spoilt it by our ignorance, indifference or rebellion to His word. Because of His love God set in motion a plan to offer each of us a safe haven from future judgement and the whirlwinds caused by Human lawlessness. That is the message of the death on the cross by Jesus. His resurrection from the tomb is our guarantee of His success. Now He can offer you forgiveness, a new beginning and safety from eternal destruction. Faith in Christ doesn’t guarantee a trouble free time. It does assure you of His presence, over-ruling and of one day sharing in His glory. In time, keeping His commands and teachings saves you from a lot of sorrow, shame and even sickness. He gives you a fulfilled life even under harsh conditions with a hope no one can crush.

The whirlwind is forming. Don't be caught up in its moral and spiritual degradation, destruction and ultimate futility.

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  1. Another great analysis of the climate around us. I have been disturbed by the rate at which is increasing and am greatly concerned about what it will mean for my grandchildren. Every time you turn around there is someone else trying to pull us into deeper moral degradation. This new senator now pushing the gay "marriage" barrow and ready to go with abortion and euthanasia. We need to stand strong.