Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lifestyle and health.

In Melbourne, Australia there is an International HIV-AIDS conference. A number of delegates, including a leading researcher and speaker were tragically killed in the MK17 airline which was shot down over Ukraine.

In Australia it is reported that HIV-AIDS particularly among homosexual men is one the increase once again. This is sad and reveals a careless attitude towards sexual behaviour. Around the world this devastating condition has infected millions. The importance therefore of this International conference in finding cures and helps for these people cannot be overestimated!

Unfortunately, it is doubtful is the one issue which would prevent most, if not all, of this disease from spreading will not be discussed. For people want a cure so as to allow them to continue with their preferred sexual orientation. What would decimate this plague and its sexually transmitted diseases ‘cousins’? The Biblical principle of holiness which calls upon people to abstain from sexual activity until marriage and maintain it only in marriage.

Of course this goes against the moral (immoral) atmosphere promoted in all societies around the world. The very nature of the human heart resists attempts, whether by God or government or whoever, to restrict it from doing what it wants too. However the cause and effect principle, the sow and reap consequences then comes into play. These are what so many want to beat for they desire to indulge without shame, pain or self-destruction.

People have been misinformed about what holiness means. They imagine it to be some type of miserable, negative and self-righteous behaviour that ruins fun in the sun. Actually it is the very basis for happiness and self-esteem and meaningful relationships. It is this quality of life promoted by Jesus Christ and His word which offers health to body, soul and spirit. Holiness is the very principal for peace of mind and enjoyment without regret or fear of exposure.

This quality of life doesn’t come in pill form. It is not like an overcoat to put on as needed. Rather holiness is a way of life that takes hold of a person’s inner being and transforms, colours, motivates and protects. This isn’t natural to the human heart therefore it must be given. How? From the one who not only wrote the book outlining the lifestyle, but who gives power to live it. His name is Jesus. His book is the bible.

However what can Jesus offer to any of us who have been corrupted, crushed or dehumanised by life choices or outside forces? His promise is that He can make all things new. He offers men and women everywhere a new beginning by making them new creations (2 Corinthians 5:17). More than that, He doesn’t leave them to struggle on alone. He has provided resources so that a person will grow in the wonder of this newness and enjoy the journey to His promised destination. What are those resources? The Christian bible is the instruction manual, prayer is the language of the heart offered to him, worship is the opportunity for expressing gratitude and meeting with others to share fellowship and teaching.

God asked a question in the scriptures when He said “Why will you die?” For God had set before the people the opportunity for life, happiness and peace. They thought His way was too restrictive to their self-indulgent desires and refused His offer. Their story makes sad reading with its useless, wasted and unfulfilled existence. Jesus said He had come to give life and that life would be abundant, fulfilling, healthy and purposeful. That’s what holiness is all about. It cannot be beaten. It will not be broken. With it, by God’s grace to us in Jesus Christ, it will accompany us into eternity.

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