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Babylon in Scripture

Isaiah 47:1-15. Babylon – Historical and Mystery.

The Bible is a tale of two cities. Each is hostile to the other. Each seeks to convert and prevail. One city is aligned to the powers of Darkness, the other to the Lord of Light. To understand the spiritual and moral forces in the world it is important to have an understanding of these two cities. People live in or are continually confronted by Babylon and Jerusalem.

Babylon – It’s Beginnings and founder. Genesis 10:8-12.
Nimrod = Rebel. A mighty warrior 1 Chronicles. 1:10. is credited with building Babel (Gen. 11:1-9) and founding Babylon (Micah 5:6.) His purpose – one world government and security from any future judgement from the Lord God of Heaven and earth. Nimrod set up a rival worship system which has influenced all the religions of the world. This man, brilliant and forceful in opposing the will and word of Yahweh is the first type of the Anti-Christ. Two features marked him and the future Lawless one(2 Thessalonians. 2:8.) who exalts self to the point of wanting worship. (Dan. 11:36-39.)

Babylon means confusion and mixture. From this city under the influence of Nimrod it became the centre of the occult. Its realm is darkness expressing itself in moral behaviour contrary to God’s character and teaching whilst possessing self-righteous and idolatrous practices.

Babylon – Its dominance and Delusion.
The political power of Babylon was destroyed by the Medes and Persians. However its spiritual and moral influence continued. It’s realm is of the Devil. What the city portrays the Devil promotes throughout this world. It is called ‘Mystery Babylon.’

When we look through the Bible it becomes clear why the Lord God is so opposed to Babylon as a city and its worldwide influence! You can gauge this from the following references
Jeremiah 50:24. It opposes the Lord.
Jeremiah 50:29. Defied the Lord.
Jeremiah 51:11. Destroyed the Jerusalem Temple.
Revelation 18:2,3 The centre of the occult.
Revelation 18:11-13, It is obsessed with greed and slavery.
Revelation 18:24. The blood of prophets and martyred believers in Jesus Christ flows in its streets and wherever it rules. On top of that this city of the kingdom of Darkness practices the magic arts and enslaves people through combining it with drugs. Revelation 9:21. 22:15. 18:23 Everything it does and promotes violates the very holiness of God and denies the grace and goodness of the Creator Redeemer.

As if that wasn’t enough for Judgement by God the most offensive and direct challenge to our Lord is the claim in Isaiah 47:8, 10. ‘I am. There is none besides me. c/- Zephaniah. 2:15. This is an usurping of the Name of God and His eternity. It is a direct challenge to a contest of might. It is a call to men and women to choose which city they are citizens of. God does not allow rival sovereigns. There can ever only be One God supreme over all. This is so important in understanding who Jesus is. He claimed to be “I Am.” He illustrated this title 7 times in the gospel of John as well as saying ‘before Abraham, I am’. If this wasn’t true the Lord God of Heaven would have destroyed him. The Jewish Sanhedrin authorized Jesus death by crucifixion on charges of blasphemy. If true Jesus would still be in the tomb. The wonder of the resurrection is testimony to the truth of who He is and what He achieved. It is also the assurance of His return.

Therefore pretenders to sovereignty must be judged and destroyed. In Scripture such an event is called the Day of the Lord. When the final and ultimate judgement falls upon Babylon it becomes like Sodom and Gomorrah. Never to be inhabited. (it is at this moment.) except by desert creatures. A swampland it will be. Consider the following references:
Jeremiah 51:59-64. The near and the final destructions foretold.
Jeremiah 50:12. A wilderness, dry land, desert. 50:13. Not inhabited. 13:39. Never again inhabited. 51:25,26. Nothing will be salvaged from its destruction.

It is the direct judgement of God and not the intervention of Humankind. It happens in 1 day. (Revelation 18:10,17 says ‘one hour’).

The call of the Lord is to come out of the spiritual/moral/self-righteous darkness of Mystery Babylon and link up with the City in which the Lord God has set His Name and Fame. The eternal city is Jerusalem and you become one of its citizens by a personal commitment of your life to its Sovereign. You know who He is: it is Jesus Christ the risen Lord, the great I Am. Your act of faith and obedience to Him becomes your passport to eternal life with Him.

Ray (a citizen) Hawkins.

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