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Jerusalem: Battle ground forPeace

Jerusalem. A selected biblical history with a promise

Reading Isaiah 62.
The city of peace doesn’t live up to its name. Why is it so desired? What motivates nations to possess it or to dispossess Israel from its capital? Is it strategic, as in ancient history or spiritual as the anti Yahweh, anti Christ Jesus forces seek to make the promises of the bible a lie.

From Genesis 14:18 – Revelation 21. Jerusalem is the city in the forefront of Scripture.
Why is the city of Jerusalem so central to the bible? Why is it so contested in history?
It is central to God’s plan of reclaiming what Adam gave away in Genesis 3.
It is central to Redemption.
It is central to God’s integrity.
This is why the god of this World and the forces of Darkness seek to possess it or destroy it.

The Bible’s claim.
i…The Land of Israel is God’s. Dt. 32:43. Joel 2:18.
ii…The city belong to Him – 1 Kings 11:13, 32. Dt. 14:23. Ps. 76:2. 135:21.
iii…So too the People. Ex.19f. 1v…Joel 3:2b.

The first mention of Jerusalem is in Genesis 14:18-20. Melchizedek, King, Priest of God Most High met Abram returning form defeating the coalition of armies who had captured Lord after destroying Sodom. Melchizedek gave Abram bread/wine, expressive of Communion. Later after Abram became Abraham he took his son Isaac into the vicinity of Jerusalem at Mt. Moriah. The story in Genesis 22 is a shadow of the spiritual reality of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross at Mt. Moriah known as Calvary. (Also look in 1 Chron.21 and see the place mentioned in relation to David’s sin and consequences being dealt with there.)

Jerusalem is linked with specific events in the Messiah’s life.
Daniel 9:25,26. The Anointed One ‘cut off.’
Zechariah 9:9. The king and the donkey ride.

Passover celebration of the Nation’s deliverance from Egyptian slavery (Exodus 12f) Cross. This again was a shadow of the spiritual deliverance Christ Jesus would achieve as the fulfilment of the Passover’s sacrificial system when He was crucified.

The Anti-Christ foretold and the times of the Gentiles plus the Great Tribulation are all centred around Jerusalem. This is the central focus of the book of Revelation. Read also
Dan. 9.24-27. 12:1 c/- Mt.24.

Jerusalem is a cup which sends people reeling…Zech. 12:2.
Jerusalem is an immovable rock on which Nations will be injured. Zech. 12:3.
Jerusalem is the Eternal God’s warning or invitation centre. Ps. 2.

The Book of Revelation pictures a most horrific time which will come upon the earth. God has warned us about it. Ignore it at your peril. No one can blame God for the unbelief of nations which choose to side with Babylon and Darkness against God’s revealed purposes and Salvation centred in Jesus and Jerusalem. Through that time men and women will be saved and martyred(Rev.7:9-17). It will also open the eyes of Israel to their Messiah. Zech. 12:10-13. c/- Matt. 23:39.

The World/Satan wants to discredit the Bible because it describes their doom and the triumph of the crucified Jesus. It also reveals the destiny of Jerusalem and Israel with the establishing of the Kingdom of God. You and I live in the most challenging times where so much of Biblical teaching is coming to a climax.

There is a beautiful through unsettling record in Zephaniah 3 highlighting the great and terrible day of the Lord against those who seek to crush Israel, God’s inheritance. In this passage we have an undeniable guarantee from the Lord of Glory yet to be fulfilled. Zeph. 3:14-17. On that day God will actually sing and rejoice over His people and their survival and triumph. Until then we are encouraged by Ps. 122:6 to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

After the 1000years of God’s kingdom on Earth and the final Battle mentioned in Revelation 20, the bible closes with the promise of a New Heaven and Earth and the New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven.
Between now and then God has warned us of tough times, sad times, the fury of a ruthless enemy intent on making God a liar. However the Lord keeps His word. Hold it close to your heart.

The day will come when Jerusalem will be the city of peace and the joy of the whole earth.
Ray (waiting for that day) Hawkins

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