Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Missionary Friends

It has been 30 plus years since they last dropped by. What a delight it was to have them share three days of their holiday with us in Tasmania. Sure we have maintained contact through letters and new email but there is nothing quite as good as a personal visit.

Ken and Helen MacNaughtan are retired missionaries who worked in the Samberigi area of P.N.G. Even in retirement they maintain a close and sometimes hands on relationship with thier missionary organisation. As pioneer workers they experienced the tough times in remote areas of New Guinea. They also knew the faithfulness of God and the value of faithful, supportive co-workers.

On their return to Australia Helen realised  a need. Many missionaries returning after long or short service found it hard to settle down into former routines. Family and friends had developed new areas of interest and churches were unsure as to how to  assist returning workers from the various fields. Out of this came a simple and very practical hand-book called 'Re-Entry'.  It has proven so very, very popular and helpful to missionaries and churches.

You can contact me for information about receiving a copy $4 plus postage.

Adjustments can be hard in any period of life.It is important to realise difficulties even before they arise, have supportive family and friends and be patient with yourself and others through what is a stressful time. Being assured of the grace and over-ruling presence of our Lord does create some relief through a confusing period.

May God use us as 'stress relief' for those going through a 're-entry' experience.

Ray (enjoying stress relief) Hawkins


  1. Hi Andy Pandy. How did you find the blog, been up a while. They are friends from yesteryear. Probably have a photo of you with them in East Maitland.