Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fancy Fins

Fancy Fins

Saturday September 22nd I was involved with a new venture. I only had a very small part to play in it, as did Mary, but we were there! Craig and Rachelle Hawkins opened a new venture associated with Seahorse Australia This was in their shed on Inspection head Wharf, Beauty Point Tasmania.

Fancy Fins is the name of their fresh water aquarium shop and on the day was officially opened. Included were a garage sale and sausage sizzle. Four of our six grandchildren helped out by selling books and videos or cooking and selling sausages.

It was a beautiful sunny day and drew lots and lots of people. There are still facets of the shop still to be finalised, still the people who came gave it the thumbs up, especially the local fish lovers.

God seems to delight in taking His disciples into new and challenging dimensions so as to make Himself known in a deeper way. For Craig, who is a professional forester with many years leadership in the area, the Lord has literally given him a ‘sea-change’. Our son is the first to admit the change-over was hard to adjust to.

Our Lord sometimes requires us to trust Him with new ventures of faith and obedience. Often it requires perseverance and determination, confident in the call of God. That fragrance permeates their whole business and has produced a testimony to the Lord’s faithfulness, especially through demanding days.

Mary and I are thrilled that Jesus Christ allowed us to be part of this new faith venture. It was a small part but a privilege to share in it.
Ray (watching the fishes) Hawkins.

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