Sunday, December 17, 2017

Who is He?

Light causes a shadow to be cast when it shines from behind an object. The shadow is our clue to a greater reality. There are numerous shadows cast our way in the Old Testament which Jesus said pointed to Him. The New Testament letters further explain those shadows which we call types. The letter of Hebrews is masterly in its explanation things surrounding the Jewish Tabernacle.
Every aspect of that construction points to some feature relating to Jesus. We understand the Sacrificial system as the 'substance' of the cross. The furnishings inside the tent speak of certain aspects of Christ's ministry. Even the curtains which comprise the ceiling and roof point to Christ and how two groups of people perceive Him
The roof was comprised of skins from badgers (A.V.) or sea-cows (NIV), Exodus 36:19.On the inside however was another covering which only those who entered could see and appreciate. It was made of rams' skin and dyed red. Those who officiated within the tabernacle served in a beautiful and impressive setting. It comprised gold fittings and colourful and embroidered  curtains enhanced by candlelight and incense.
What does the roof and ceiling tell us about people's views of Jesus? The plain uninspiring roof of skin is how the World sees Jesus. There is little to excite their interest. The Gentile world sees Him and the cross as foolishness. The Jewish people find Him and His claims a stumbling block. However, when anyone puts their trust in Him as Saviour and Lord they look at Jesus with new appreciation. 1 Peter 2:7 explains it this way: 'He is precious.' 
When we live, worship, serve under Him we understand the significance of the rams' skin dyed red. We are under the crucified life of Jesus, covered by His poured out life, His blood. At the same time we are overwhelmed by the glory and fragrance of Him who has saved, transformed and kept us. 
So much more we could elaborate upon and bear testimony too. That must wait for another day.

Who is He?

Who is He in Bethlehem’s manger?
The one promised, no stranger!
Who is He who trod this earth?
The Nazarene! A man of worth.
Who is He whom they crucified
When under oath He testified
To being the Rock of Destiny
Foretold in Daniel’s prophecy?
Who is He who rose from the grave?
The Lord of Glory, with grace to save!
Who is He who broke Death’s reign?
The Saviour, Jesus is His name!

Who is He, we contemplate?
He is the Bible’s story!
He is the disciple’s glory.
His person vindicated.
His mission consummated.
His name is Jesus!

Who is He, please elaborate?
He is the Lord of hosts,
He is the king of glory!
His throne awaits,
His rule to dictate.
His name is Jesus!

Who is He we celebrate?
He is the Creator.
He is the Redeemer!
His kingdom awaits
His reign to initiate.
His name is Jesus!

©Ray Hawkins 2016.

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