Sunday, November 19, 2017

Who is the Christ of Christmas

It is a valid point which a questioner raised. Who is the Christ you want to put back into Christmas? How do you know Him or even where to learn about Him? Certainly not from postcards or even lovely Sunday school stories (though they are often tell things about Him). Some pulpits are even dangerous in their explanation of Jesus as the Messiah. The best, safest and most interesting meeting point is the Bible’s account.

From Genesis to the Gospel there is an unveiling of the One promised and how to recognise Him when He arrives. This then leads into the challenge of making Him known to an unsympathetic world. The book of Acts and the following letters present the case for Jesus as the Son of god, the promised Saviour and the only One before whom we bow and say “my Lord and my God.”

A person either meets Jesus or misses Him through the dimension of faith in the Bible’s testimony. I like to say positive faith draws a person into Christ’s realm. Negative faith (a.k.a unbelief) locks Him out. There can be no Christmas without the reality of a person known as Jesus the Christ. There could never have been a Christmas without the event known as the cross of Calvary. There would not be this debate about His person and achievements without His personal resurrection from the tomb.  The following poem seeks to wrestle with the opening question and the choice positive or negative faith has on the outcome.

Jesus, who are you,
Friend or foe,
Beelzebub or Emmanuel,
Blasphemer or prophet,
How can we know?
The cross,
The cross will show
Who you are!

Jesus, what said the cross.
Victor or villain
Hanging in agony,
Fulfilling prophesy.
How can we know?
The tomb,
The tomb will show
Who you are!

Jesus, what said the tomb?
Conquered or conqueror,
Body decayed or glorified?
Guards, disciples know,
He's Risen!
Yes risen, and it shows
Who you are.

Jesus, what can I say
You're Emmanuel
Before whom I bow.
Now all can know
Jesus Christ, Saviour
Is who you are!

Now I understand who is the Christ of Christmas! He is Jesus!
Copyright Ray Hawkins Nov 26 2017.
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