Sunday, February 26, 2017

The truth of False News

Before and after the U.S.A Presidential elections the now President spoke out about “Fake News!” This caused a lot of furore and criticism, especially from the Press and certain T.V. stations. He has been proven correct. Anyone who has dealt with the media knows there are reporters more interested in sensationalising something than presenting the facts without embellishment, bias or vindictive intent.

This shouldn’t surprise any of us. False news actually began in a garden setting. It has been truthfully recorded by the person affected and later included in the book of Genesis. The creature who spoke the false news was in camouflage gear as the Serpent. He is later identified as the Devil in Revelation 12:9. The one he mislead was Eve who in turn relayed it to Adam. The false news was to malign the character of their Creator and undermine the seriousness of His command not to eat the fruit of a certain tree. The result of believing the false report was a curse upon all creation expressed in death. This is always the power of false news in various areas of life, relationships and society.

The Bible defines false news as a lie. Jesus described the creature who spoke it first as the original liar and what he brought about was murder and lies (John 8:44). False news and its intent and outworking is summed up in Scripture as Sin! There isn’t any arena of life which is free from being infected and affected by false news. Politics is in the spotlight at the moment but it isn’t alone. If you believe the Biblical account of creation, especially as a scientist, you are vilified and often debarred by untrue assertions and out of context quotes. To believe in the historic and Biblical accounts about marriage is to be held up to ridicule and lawsuits as well as being falsely accused of hate crimes. All through recorded history there have been religious charlatans with personal agendas or in league with godless forces and anti-Messianic forces who hate the holiness, morality and prophesied purposes of the Creator. They    are recorded as false prophets and false teachers. The New Testament issues
a similar warning about their insidious messages. The vilification of the Jewish people across the centuries was enflamed by false news. What has been documented about the Nazi regime’s propaganda in this matter reveals the end result, a holocaust. This anti-Israel attitude is being promoted even in the United Nations today. Can you perceive where it could, will lead too? (read the Biblical book of Joel or Psalm 2 or Ezekiel 38 Etc).

Jesus warned His people about the prevalence of false news in regard to a specific event involving Him. In His talk about the climax of history and His promised return Jesus spoke about scurrilous reporters creating havoc. As certain signs foretold were to take place people would get emotional or exasperated by reports coming in as to where Jesus could be found, seen or expected (Matthew 24).  When you read that passage it is evident that the reported sighting are being sent and heard quickly. In our W.W.W. generation this should come as no surprise. With Facebook, smartphones, twitter, Instagram and emails (to name a few) fake, false and flawed stories get unleashed and in an instant travel throughout the world. Even when they are corrected by the facts of the matter the poison has been spread, the damage done. Jesus gave the answer to misguided or mischievous reporting of His returning. He simply said, when it happens, “every eye will see” Him.

Unless there is an unchangeable standard by which to measure what is true or false, what is righteous and what is sin, we will be blown around as a piece of paper in a tornado. That standard is the Judeo-Christian book called the Bible. It reveals an unchangeable God with an unchangeable message verified by the unchangeable Messiah who triumphed over Sin and its false news. This is the reality of Christ and the cross. This Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and in His presence through His word we know the truth and are alerted to what will lead us astray from it. This world is under the malicious influence of the ‘serpent’ (1 John 5:19) that is why there is so much false news circulated and believed. However, as believers in and disciples of Christ we look forward to a new era, when righteousness, truth, justice and grace reigns. Maranatha!

©Ray Hawkins Feb 26th 2017.

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