Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Erosion of Christendom

Toowoomba street after erosian by flood water.
Erosion is the effect of wind and rain gradually wearing away or eating into a landscape. Also, it can happen by an unknown, unattended underground slow leak.  Suddenly, a sinkhole opens up and swallows houses or other property. Combatting the ill effects of this ‘eating and wearing away’ is huge and costly.

Within the Western sphere, which is predominately Christian, there is a moral and spiritual erosion taking place. It is happening on the visible, but more insidiously, in the unseen realms of Christendom. This eating away at the very fabric of Christian faith and the wearing-away of Biblical morality has been going on for decades.

In a face to face debate Christian apologists in moral, scientific, educational and relational realms more than hold their own. To counteract the authority of Scripture and its support for absolute Truth and righteousness eroding tactics began to take place. Innocent sounding terms began to appear which were designed to cause sinkholes to collapse confidence in Scripture and debase Christian values. Evolutionary theories were tolerated and ultimately usurped Biblical teaching in many Denominations. So many Christians didn’t take notice. Those who did and spoke up about impending dangers were resisted even by fellow believers. It wasn’t nice or ‘Christian’ to make others feel uncomfortable. It was viewed as being intolerant, unscientific even though the effects of this ‘sinkholes’ were evident.

Now what are we facing? Erosion of Christian marriage by the same-sex advocates, even within the Church scene. The safe school program which is really a grooming plan for sex. Put that alongside the push for various views on Gender and the use of change rooms and toilets for how you think you are at that moment. What a great opportunity for perverts. Why is there this erosion of what our Lord plainly said ‘in the beginning God made them male and female?’ The moment a voice is raised against these ridiculous programs lawsuits and anti-discrimination slurs are thrown-up.  Unbelief by many who hold positions of leadership within the Church is also an issue. This is nothing new. It is much wider today due to the ease of technology and the infiltration of false teachers though such media.

It intrigues me how the deceit of Islam is either ignore of accepted. To simply quote what their books state, refer to past or current history is to have Islamophobia. Yet, it is okay to discriminate, insult or make hefty fines against Christians who hold fast to their belief system. Free speech is the result of past heroes within Christendom. Today it’s being bullied into silence by deceit and threats. To appease some from different cultures and belief systems, nice tolerant and probably half-interested Christians accept downgrading Christmas and Easter recognitions. Certain businesses, begun by Christians, have sold out to Halal. Have they been bribed? Bullied? Or is the dollar more valued that Christ. CEO’s should think that through in the light of Matthew 16:26. Gaining the whole world but losing your soul is to lose everything.

People should not judge a political or religious group according to how well liked or disliked a person from such a group happens to be. Check out their rules, their belief system. That is what will ultimately dominate their behaviour when they have ascendency. Sharia law is Islam’s principle. How it gets there is by masquerade and force. Cast your eyes around the globe and behold it at work.

Can the Church survive? Yes! Christ declared it would. Will it suffer? It is already in certain countries. It will happen here unless or because we take a stand for Biblical truth, righteousness and godly relationships. Politicians in many parties have been hypnotised by anti-Christian forces. Those who have their eyes open are slandered and misrepresented in media and personal threats. Pray for our, your country and the politicians who stand for truth and morality. Otherwise, what proverbs says about a country dominated by the ungodly will sweep over us. Wickedness kills faith, morality and the social fabric of a Christian influenced community. May God give us courage to remain true.

©Ray Hawkins April 2016.

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  1. May God continue to bless you as you proclaim His wisdom and truth.