Sunday, December 13, 2015

Assassins of Christmas

warfare.jpgThey hide behind legal jargon with godless intent. Once they were covert in their opposition to Christian festivals, now they are running rampant. Those would be Assassins of Christmas are part of a wide spread movement which seems to have hit the news lately.

Some in authority want to call Christmas holiday season or festival of lights. One Government official didn’t want the Christmas tree called by that term. Banning Nativity plays and Carols about Christ under the pretence it offends other religions is spurious nonsense. The latent animosity within the World system towards Christ, the Bible and Christian concepts and morality has broken out, with gusto!

I call such people King Herod’s kith and kin. In Matthew’s Gospel chapter 2 is the account of his endeavour to kill the Baby Jesus. To do that he was indiscriminate. All boy babies two and under were to be killed in Bethlehem. Jesus was whisked away to Egypt by Joseph and Mary. Bethlehem means ‘house of bread’ but Herod made it the town of tears.

Today’s brood of Herod sympathisers cannot get their hands on the risen Christ Jesus. So, they resort to trying to eradicate expressions of His reality and message. In extreme cases this is the ideology of IS in their killing of Christians. In less graphic ways lawsuits are filed against Christians standing for Christian marriage and morality. One non-Christian religious leader even said to his people, to wish others a “merry Christmas” was worse than murder. Even having Christian prayer breakfasts are now anathema.

Whether they realise it or not, such assassins are creating for their communities ‘township of tears’. Why do I think that? By looking into the regions where the Christian faith and heritage are either unknown or are a persecuted minority. Fatalism rules and corruption is ‘king.’ There is a hopelessness unrelieved by the compassion and promises of Christ Jesus. There isn’t anything to sing about which could rival the joy and message of Christmas carols. We hear in Australia a lot about violence against women without appreciating how the Christmas event has elevated the status of a woman. What the virgin birth tells us should flow into the mindset of a community.

What do we gain from looking at Mary as the chosen vessel for the Messiah’s coming? Women are held in high esteem by the Creator and Redeemer God. The beautiful imagery of The Church as the Bride of Christ, New Jerusalem portrayed as a bride, plus the esteemed women in biblical history reaffirm that conviction. Any man who violates a woman offends his manliness, his biblical mandate and denies the Lord Jesus Christ’s example and teachings. How superior is this to Islam’s treatment of women in their judicial system, not to mention the use of young girls as bride material!

music.pngHow are we to respond to these Assassins of Christmas? By standing our ground! By expressing our Joy in the Lord! By sharing the merriment and message that the Promised One has come and his name is Jesus! By inviting the assassins to share in the celebrations we enjoy! By living out the quality of life and the treatment of each other as taught by and lived out by Jesus, the warrior babe of Bethlehem.

Ray Hawkins Dec 14th 2015.

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