Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wrongful-mess or Righteousness

Violence against women is headline news and there is much angst about it. However, who will be brave enough to confront some of the things which promote it? Many of the Television shows denigrate women.  The internet is also saturated with material designed to degrade a woman’s intrinsic worth. Add to those, certain religions which treat women as objects for men’s pleasure and second-rate citizens. But, why are such attitudes and actions wrong?

The same question can be asked about child-abuse, same-sex marriage and polygamy. What about abortion, euthanasia, drug dependence, Sharia law and corruption, are these wrong? If so, on what basis are they wrong? Are we beginning to experience the ‘fruit’ of the sowing the ‘seeds of no absolutes?’ Is society’s rejection of absolutes walking us into scary times? The forces which are turning off the lights of life’s absolutes cannot offer any flickering light in their place. This results in a creeping darkness infected by unbridled Wrongful-mess. A Proverb sums it up well: ‘There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.’ (Proverbs 16:25 

There are those in our society who claim it is freedom to be unfettered by moral and spiritual absolutes. Yet, without such unchanging sunlight a darkness envelops the soul and fear begins to roam, demons torment and grief explodes. Only in the Light of absolute righteousness and truth is true freedom able to exist. In the words of an old Proverb ‘Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.’ (Proverbs 14:35) In the context ‘sin’ equals unrighteousness or as I’ve put it ‘wrongful-mess.’ Christian nations which once had a certain moral nobility and godly fervour are being dragged out of the light which exalts. The result, moral and spiritual disintegration and disgrace in the prison of darkness.

The question then arises, ‘where can such absolutes be found?’ If they exist they must proceed from someone who is unchanging, whose words can be trusted who also understands us and desires the best for us. In the face of all who clamour for this title only Jesus Christ and His Word rises above the pack. He practiced what He preached and didn’t back down when faced with crucifixion. If Jesus had remained in the tomb no one would be talking about Him. His resurrection exalted Him as Lord and Saviour. Therefore, His words have the power to light up our darkness and point us to a way out of the darkness.

Across the centuries it is recorded how forces aligned with Wrongful-mess have corrupted and condemned people and society to despair. What is also revealed is that men and women with faith in Christ Jesus took on the darkness. A high price was sometimes paid but slowly the lights of Righteousness, Truth and Hope were switched on. Believers in Jesus Christ as Lord, Saviour Almighty God may be called upon in coming days to pay a similar price. Are we up to it?

 ©Ray Hawkins 1st June 2015.

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