Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why Christians and Israel are Hated

Is the Islamic State simply uncultured, barbaric and ignorant? Or, do they epitomise their spiritual god and master? For such vileness, and viciousness is the trademark of Satan according to the Judeo-Christian Bible. He is the prince of darkness. He is the hater of Israel and the Christian faith. He seeks to destroy cultural expressions and the histories of Israel and all the evidence associated with its history. Two specific words are used by the apostle Paul in describing Satan’s efforts. One is deceit (Ephesians 6:11) the other refers to purpose (2 Corinthians 2:11). You can discern these in the Islamic terror. Satan is the driving force of I.S. Hamas, P.L.O. and Hezbollah to highlight a few in his employ.
What is happening in the Middle East is a continuation of previous attempts to deny Israel’s existence and the credibility of the Bible. How was that undertaken? By endeavouring to obliterate evidence of occupying the land. As an example, for many, many years the existence of the Hittite nation existence was scoffed at as being a ‘tall tale and untrue’ to bolster Israel’s war victories. Archaeologists found this forgotten Nation and its impressive kingdom. There are many other verifications like this regarding Israel’s history.

By trying to make the Bible a series of myths the adversary wants people treat it with disdain or disregard it all together. Opponents would raise such things as, the events of the Passover and the crossing of the Red Sea. Also included, David and Goliath, David’s reign and Solomon’s temple, again to mention just a few. Where was any tangible evidence? The I.S of those times (e.g. Antiochus Epiphanes as an example) tried their best to destroy it, bury it, burn it. However, the soil of the land of Israel embraced the shattered, scattered fragments. There, in its bosom, evidence was protected until it was unearthed in recent times.

The underlying purpose of these attempts was to make the God of Israel a liar, Jesus Christ a fraud and the concept of our falling short of Heaven’s Standard, ridiculous. In the light of the work by archaeologists you would think people would be thankful for historical authentication. Unfortunately, the power of darkness, its devotees and its hatred of Israel chooses to deny and destroy.

Why? To blind a person to the truth. To put barriers in their search for truth. To make the Bible unread and thereby prevent them from escaping from the Darkness into the kingdom of Christ. God has done certain things so that the world will know and revere His Name. He wants people to know He hasn’t abandoned them but set in place a rescue mission. Yahweh recorded His intentions and has verified it over and over again. He also unmasked those past and present and future who will be Satan’s allies in trying to prevent it from happening.  The Lord offers grace and mercy to those who hear and respond to what He has done. To those who hear but disbelieve open themselves to His wrath. It isn’t the lack of information or fulfilled prophecy that is the problem. It is a person’s unbelief, pride, fear and unfettered rebellion. Illustrations of this are shown in the Scriptures in the lives of Pharaoh (Exodus 7:3-5) and the Jewish Sanhedrin (Matthew 28:11-15) and others.

The following Biblical references all state ‘(they) shall know that I am the Lord. The audience aimed at is stated in the brackets.  Exodus 6:7 (Israel) Exodus 14:4, 18 (Egypt), Joshua 4:24 (the people of the earth), 1 Samuel 17:46 (All the earth shall know about David’s slaying of Goliath and how it was achieved), Jeremiah 16:21 (Gentiles). There are many other references. God doesn’t play games. He does things with the ultimate intent of honouring His promises and warnings. God’s longing is for people to know they can trust him by trusting and obeying His Word. This is a direct challenge to Satan and his authority as people could hear and reach out to God’s Kingdom of Light. His response, destroy, destroy, destroy!

God’s answer, ‘My word… shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please…’ Isaiah 55:11 KJV. Read it and then you too will know God’s heart and invitation to you, personally. Let knowing lead to trust and onto commitment and you will find deliverance from the Darkness, forgiveness and a new beginning, a new destiny and a living hope.


Next week: Ezekiel the prophet’s insight into the future of what God wants us to specifically know and believe. Ezekiel says ‘to know’ approximately 82 times .

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