Sunday, November 9, 2014

Islam's Greatest Fear

Islam in its many shades of black dominates World headlines today. In lands they control they impose a ruthless regime. In countries where they are not yet in large numbers they wear the demeanour of being victims. From whatever perspective and in whatever country their intent is the same. Islam must rule.

What can stand in its way for it seems unstoppable. Those who oppose it can expect the ISIS treatment (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – the terrorist group) of subjugation or beheading. Strange as it may seem ISIS, and Islam in general, have a fear which they suppress through violence upon ‘infidels.’ Such a fear isn’t about conflict or death, it is about engaging in a confrontation with Truth.

This is readily seen by its treatment of those from its ranks who commit their lives to the Truth which out-shines anything Islam has to offer. Consider honour killings inflicted upon individuals who leave Islam for the Truth. Without realising it, this action is in fact a tacit statement of its fear. If this wasn’t the case then Islam would have no cause to murder anyone with a different faith, ideology or lifestyle. Fear is irrational in its frenzy to silence that which it cannot answer or control. We have witnessed it in the murder of women and girls who seek an education. We read about it in mobs who kill, without any shred of evidence, those accused of violating the Koran.

Sharia law has no capability to handle Democracy, the Christian view of Human dignity, female equality or the foundation for marriage. There is an implacable hatred to Israel and the Christian Faith which no appeasement will subdue. Islam denies Israel its history for historical Truth undermines and reduces Islam’s claim to the land. The followers of the Koran pervert the Christian Scriptures concerning the person of Christ Jesus and His death on the cross. No death means the Scriptures lie. No crucifixion means no fulfilment of the prophecies of the Old Testament. No entombment means no resurrection and therefore no forgiveness by faith. It also denies the statements of Jesus and His apostles concerning His return to rule. You must understand also the Koran was compiled 500 years after Jesus walked upon this earth. It isn’t eye–witness accounts as we have in the Judeo–Christian scriptures.

When Muslims chant “There is no god but Allah” it is more a confrontation to the Bible’s affirmation “Jesus is Lord!” They are adamant that God has no Son. This is a direct challenge to the Gospels and the celebration of the virgin birth held at Christmas. Rather than accepting the right of someone to believe what they understand as Truth, Islam cannot abide such mental and spiritual liberty. So when ISIS paints the Arabic letter ‘N’ on a house it signifies a believer in the Nazarene, Jesus. That letter becomes a death notice. Why? Because of the fear the Truth about Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God arouses within their darkened minds.

Why would anyone or any ideology fight against the concept of God being Love is hard to
explain. They might not agree with it but that is different to wanting to obliterate those who believe it. The same goes for the wonderful privilege Christians have in calling God “Our Father!” Our relationship with the Triune God isn’t due to our ability to perform things pleasing to Him. Rather it flows from our conviction about the Truth. What is this Truth? To sum it up means we believe Jesus is ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life. It means no one comes to the Father except through a relationship of a living faith in Jesus. Such Truth is what Islam fears. If it didn’t its leaders would allow those within their community the privilege to choose what they understand as Truth. At the moment to believe is to face death for apostasy. Yet around the world many, many people are taking that risk and making Jesus their own personal Lord and Saviour. That’s what Islam fears!

 © Ray Hawkins

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