Sunday, October 19, 2014

Onward towards the Past!

A concerted campaign is gaining momentum to relegate the Church to the edge of irrelevance. Unfortunately this is being aided and abetted by revelations into child abuse by various church leaders. Listen to the squeals from some areas of Christendom as their power, influence and status in society wanes. You would imagine the Church’s mission was about to collapse. Instead of bemoaning the loss of tax benefits, perceived status and special privileges we should be more vocal in proclaiming the Gospel.

In Matthew 24 and Luke 21 we have the record of the collision of the future with the past  Jesus used the historical figure of Noah to make a point or two. To understand the magnitude of this future event read Genesis 6. The moral and spiritual decline into depravity was immense. God’s judgement was slow in coming and His grace provided the ark. Unbelief and self–gratification treated His mercy with disdain and the world paid the penalty. What is gathering momentum which should warn people to turn to Christ and make Him their refuge, their ‘ark?’ 1 Peter 3:17-22.
Here’s a short list:

*Seeing the evidence of creation and making it the offspring of chance and evolution.

*Thereby declaring an individual’s life is meaningless.

*This permits the murder of babies (abortion) and euthanasing the disabled, infirm and old.

*Then there’s the moral corruption within Christendom detailed in child abuse and apostasy.

*With the loss of faith in the Bible people are seeking spirituality and morality in the occult.

*The rejection of the Biblical understanding and symbolism of marriage and endorsing as normal same–sex marriages.

*Endorsing what the Bible condemns in relation to sexual behaviour

 Add to the above the onward move to the past as detailed by the prophet Daniel 2. 10:1-12:1 and spelt out in more detail in Revelation 6-19 and Matthew 24:15-28. It is as though Jesus is saying ‘keep your eyes open for the events recorded.’ These are portents which drive the kingdoms of this world and Satan’s forces into the last great judgement and conflict. (Read 2 Thessalonian)

NASA in recent days has been speaking of the potential threat to earth of asteroids and comets. The space authority is endeavouring to develop some defence shield against such an eventuality. (Matthew 24:29)

How then should the Church of today handle the spiral into the moral and spiritual dark ages? Not by whingeing, crying ‘foul’ and compromising the Gospel’s message. Rather the opposite. Have the faith and mindset revealed in the early Church’s history. Make Christ and the cross and the future known. Expect to be opposed yet trusting in the Lord to honour His word to those who are seekers after truth. Realise, as is evident in places such as Iran, that the Church’s faithfulness to Christ can mean various sanctions, dismissal and even death.

Therefore we must be certain about knowing in whom we have believed. We must know that He is the Lord of Glory, He is the victor over the tomb. He is the One who can forgive us, cleanse us, accept us and keep us through whatever the collision of the future with the past throw our way. Jesus is the person who fulfilled the written promises of the past and He will keep His word about the future. Therefore saturate your mind with His word, keep your eyes open and your faith strong. Be prepared to give and account of your trust in Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Should any retribution fall upon you from your sphere of influence consider it a badge of honour knowing your reward is in Glory! Read the letters of James and Peter to sustain you through such times.

 © Ray Hawkins Oct 2014.

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