Sunday, September 14, 2014

Son of God -The Name all will bow before

There’s an accounting that’s been set. On that day every person who has ever lived will have to acknowledge the One whose Name is above every name. Before this person kings and tyrants, peasants and slaves, Mohammed, Buddha, Popes, tribes and clans will bow. Whether this submission will be freely given or enforced will have been decided within each person’s lifetime.

Who is this person whose Name is superior to any other? What has He done to warrant such acclaim? How is it possible for Him to sit in judgement on the faith and deeds of others? Where do we find the record of this King of king, Lord of lords, and God of gods?

To take the last question first: The Judeo-Christian Bible is the source. Despite attempts to obliterate it across centuries the Bible’s Author has preserved it. Though forces have tried to eliminate the historical accuracy of its accounts, they have been foiled by archaeology. Opponents endeavoured to turn it into myth but the fulfilment of prophetic statements, especially about the promised Messiah, simply revealed their falsehoods.

How can He sit in Judgement on the living and the dead? To do that in righteousness and truth requires the ability to know all about the person. He must know the motives and the reasons for their actions or inaction. Can He weight their love or hate, their opportunities to obey the Truth and to exercise justice? Will He be able to discern true forgiveness and mercy, repentance and reformation? If He is so high and holy how can He understand the weak, frail, hurting and lost?

The One who will sit upon the throne of Judgement has two claims to it. One is by the right of His person. He is the Creator and ruler of the Universe. The details of this are acknowledge not only in the Bible but also in the heavens. They declare His existence. The other factor is that this Creator took upon Himself the failure of Adam and Eve to fulfil His instructions. To do that He, in the fullness of time, came to earth to offer forgiveness, grace, hope and a new beginning. It also required experiencing their judgement, and ours, upon our rebellion and indifference to Him. That was death. His name at that event was Jesus. It is the Name declared at the  Christmas event in fulfilment of Isaiah 7:14. Luke 1:26-35.

When you read the accounts of the birth of Jesus you will notice the Name given which goes beyond the Greek Jesus or Hebrew Joshua. Jesus is called ‘The Son of God.’ Here is the distinctive claim about Jesus. During the time of His earthly ministry the Jewish people wanted to stone Him for this, as it made Him, rightly so, equal with God. Peter, one of His disciples came to the conviction that Jesus was the promised Messiah, the Son of God (Matthew 16:16) which further adds to the meaning of ‘Emmanuel’ God with us. Now all of this is beautiful and poetic but can it be true? Remember this Jesus was crucified for blasphemy. There can be only one of two answers. He is a fraud and rots in the tomb or He is who the Bible portrays Him to be. How?  Because He conquered Death and reversed the judgements of The High Priest and Pilate. They were wrong. The prophetic scriptures were and remain right! (Psalm 2. Romans 1:1-4 Revelation ch.4 & 5 Philippians 2:6-11).

Therefore the name He bears is unique (John 3:16) and the message of the gospel about Him is this: ’These are written that so that you may come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in his name.’ (John 20:31)

Some try and tell us that Allah and Yahweh are one and the same terms for God. How can that be when Islam declares God has no Son. The Bible and the Koran are from two entirely different sources. What they say about Jesus are totally opposed one to the other. The Koran portrays Jesus as a prophet who lies and is a coward, certainly not worth a second thought. The Bible written across two thousand years and numerous authors, endorsed by historical records and prophetic statements declares the Jesus – His historical name, is the Messiah –the promised redeemer – and at the same time – The Son of the Living God. To believe in Him on that basis is to know forgiveness, a new beginning in time and a new destiny in eternity. It means also that on that accounting day you will gladly bow before Him and praise His Name as your Lord and Saviour, giving thanks to God the Father for Him.

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