Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Passion in Writing

The following blogspot is a world away from my usual Monday serving. I was invited to be part of a Writing Process Blog Tour. It was similar to a relay race where one writer would do his or her article on how they write and then pass the ‘baton’ to another.

I received mine from Shirley Corder from South Africa. Shirley is a prolific writer and you should check out her site on So today is my turn to share with you about my writing. After that I was to pass the ‘baton’ to others. Sadly the ones selected for my ‘team’ have either fallen over, failed to turn up or been handicapped out of the race by overwork. So my race ends here.

However, now you can watch from the ‘grandstand’ of your computer as I do my solo run.

I have been asked: What am I working on?It is the second Devotional book in a series begun when I wrote ‘Bethlehem’s Warrior Baby.’ That was, of course, about the Christmas event of Jesus Christ. He was promised. It was
portrayed. It was fulfilled. Jesus is no tender meek and mild wimp. He is the Warrior Lord of Micah 5:2. Jesus was born with a ‘Sword’ in His mouth’. It is described in Hebrews 4:12 as the Word of God.

Therefore the 31 day devotional I’m working on now is called ‘The Warrior Lord’s Sword’. This is a look at what the Scriptures reveal about itself and why it is called ‘The Sword of the Lord’. Too many people inside and outside the Church view the Bible as a pleasant read, nice moral code or permeated by myths. It can be taken or left. When viewed as ‘The Sword’ and alive and active people need to take it seriously.

I am also working on the third in my ‘Warrior Lord’ series entitled ‘The Return of the Warrior Lord’. As is evident by the title, it is a 31 day devotional about the second coming of the Lord of Hosts, Jesus Christ.

How then does my work differ from other Devotionals?Devotional writing spans from the sweet and sentimental to the rugged and challenging. Some are short and others more detailed and longer. Devotionals cater for all ages, tastes and spiritual maturity.
My devotionals centre upon a specific theme. I research what the Scriptures say about the particular subject and after selecting the material, weave within it life related events or insights. I enjoy drawing out and presenting from the Bible the word pictures associated with the theme. I’ve been told that my writing is geared for those who are interested in knowing what the Bible says, rather than anecdotes about Scripture. Some of my themes have been ‘Children: God’s Special Interest, ‘From Eden with Love’ (re Marriage), ‘Capture by Calvary’, ‘Dynamic Ageing’ and ‘Signposts to Happiness’ (about the word ‘Blessed’ in Scripture).

You may wonder ‘Why do I write what I do?’
The apostle Paul in Philippians 3 used the phrase “I want to know Him (Christ Jesus).’ That is my heart also. As a Christian and as a writer it is also my goal to offer to people and readers the opposition to know Him.’ The best way I believe this can be done is to unleash the Scriptures to the mind of readers. As they read the day’s set devotional my prayer is that they discover how meaningful Christ is for their life and circumstances.

Finally ‘How does my writing process work?’Once my theme is settled I search my Concordance for the information about it. After sifting it, then selecting the appropriate passages, I jot them down. Pens and papers litter my desk as thoughts, ideas, experiences and relevant material are collected. Bit by bit under headings, material is sorted, shaped, compiled, rejected and then roughly drafted.

I’m a plodding type of writer so it takes time. To be honest I rarely lose motivation but interruptions can be frustrating. After the initial draft I wait (impatiently) read it again and usually share it with my wife Mary. She is also an author and is better at English things such as dots, commas, hyphens etc. than I. After that it is off to an editor. That’s the scary part. Then may come some redrafting, pruning or explaining. When all that is done it is off to my publisher.

Whilst the manuscript is away does this author play? Does he pray? Does he pursue other pastimes? Maybe ‘yes’ could be said to them all. More than likely however, I just pace up and down waiting for a reply or I’m restless because I’m at a loose end.


  1. I had the baton passed from Shirley today too! Your books sound awesome.Best to you in your writing endeavors!
    Heidi M. Thomas

    1. Thanks Heidi. Trust you have some to pass the 'baton' over too. The Lord bless your words to the heart and mind of others too.