Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rewriting History

The weak–kneed U.N. cancelled an exhibition entitled ‘People, book and Land: 3,500- Year Relationship of the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.’ Why cancel it? Was it pornographic? No! Was it a lie? No! What then! It offended Islam. Why? Because this collection of Koran adherents are trying to deny Israel’s right to exist. This requires rewriting history, fabricating events and demonising people they hate.

Why should we worry?
Well, if we are Christians there is a lot riding on such lies and censure–ship. For if Israel didn’t possess the land then there is no King David (and others). No David means, there can be no Davidic lineage. Therefore Jesus Christ isn’t what the bible claims about Him. Namely, He is the descendent in the flesh of David; He is of the tribe of Judah. He was born in Bethlehem. Crucified in Jerusalem and rose from the tomb. And so I could go on. The credibility of the Bible and its historical accounts is also at stake. That in turn means every major doctrine of the Church can be dismissed. It is no light matter for historical truth as well as Biblical truth that Islam be held accountable for its falsification of history.

Islam has deliberately and consciously tried to erase evidence of Israel relationship to the Promised Land. The amount of destruction of artefacts from around the temple site is huge and tragic. The unceasing media blitz denying Israel’s right to exist fuels this endeavour. Unfortunately for them they will need to change a lot of Babylonian, Greek and Roman history, as well as their own for Israel is inextricably intertwined with them all.

There is a lot of social and general media concerns raised about bullying of children or in the workplace. Unfortunately the bully boys of the Taliban supporters seem to prevail when it comes to the U.N. and other political outlets. In many cases it is prevailing in and over the Church scene. However it is doomed to fail.
Within the pages of the first thirty–nine books of Scripture is a recurring theme. It points to God actively involving Himself in history. Why? ‘So that people will know that there is a God and He is not silent, indifferent or unjust.’ The events of the Passover were not only to point to Calvary and Christ it was to declare something to Pharaoh and Israel. What? ‘That they may God. Perhaps the place where this is most prominent is in Ezekiel. At least 71 times it is recorded that God has done or will do something specific so that Israel, the Nations, you and I might know Him and His word.

Therefore whether historical or prophetic what the Lord God has done or will do as declared through the Scriptures will be known. He has done this so you are without excuse. No one can plead ignorance. From Creation to Calvary and future events the Lord has declared His heart and mind. His purpose is for you to not merely have an intellectual bonanza but a faith commitment to Him through trusting Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. The end result of all this is ‘So that they may know, from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is no one besides me; I am the lord, and there is no other.’ Isaiah 45:6.

The deniers of history, especially Biblical history are in for a rude and tragic shock. They need to rethink their rewrite before it becomes an embarrassing shame and a millstone around their neck, forever.

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