Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sexual Relationships - any barriers

Sex occupies a lot of media news, books and debate. The escapades of celebrities fuel our self images as whether we are a ‘James Bond’ or the ‘Femme Fatale.’ Same sex supporters and their Mardi Gras images are constantly bombarding and influencing society’s views. When others, in particular Christians, take a stand against such relationships out pours cries of homophobia and narrow mindedness.

Part of the problem is an ongoing clash of worldviews. Both look at life from their particular belief systems, their sense of absolutes and their life’s experiences. For Christians their framework for relationships, lifestyle and ethics flows from the Bible. The reason for this is because Jesus Christ is the Lord and Saviour. Those outside of the Christian faith are governed by other religious systems such as the Koran with its Sharia law. The other major influence is the religion called Atheism with its creed of Evolution.

The Christian worldview is actually a dangerous outlook. Why this should be is perplexing (from a purely rational point of thinking). Why would anyone want to crush a Faith promoting faithfulness, grace, purity and ethical behaviour? Could I suggest it is because such views, including salvation, forgiveness, judgement and the nature of God, require absolutes and accountability. Sharia law knows little of such matters. Evolution rejects any ground for any accountability to God and any framework for absolutes. Yet by declaring there are no absolutes destroys their argument because they are making an absolute statement.

How does all this come into play with sexual relationships? This is important for Christians to understand. Why? For they are under pressure to accept the view of tolerance which opposes absolutes. In Leviticus 18 is an uncompromising framework for sexual restraint and holiness. In this section you will be confronted by God the Creator and Redeemer’s view on the most sacred expression of marital fidelity and love. To break through the barriers the Lord has established has consequences far beyond the sexual moment. There are emotional, physical, psychological, relational and eternal health matters at stake.

What does the list reveal as contrary to the nature of God and His purposes for safe, satisfying and secure sex? (Next week I will blog what the Bible defines as marriage and why it is a relationship between a man and a women) Leviticus 18 lists no–go areas which I’ve summarised as: adultery, pre–marital sex, incest, fornication, paedophilia bestiality and same sex relationships. Our society is harassing Christians and the Church to accept same–sex relationship as normal because the ‘couple’ are in love. Society without any absolutes cannot understand or tolerate the Christian Faith because it has them.

An Australian Senator was castigated for saying acceptance of same–sex relationships opens the way to other forms of sexual license as listed in Leviticus. What would stand in the way of acceptance of paedophilia or bestiality or multiple wives/husbands? Public opinion! If it has no absolutes or a Christian worldview then public opinion will yield to the coercion and bullying tactics of vested interests. The Biblical stress upon maintaining a holy and God ordained sexual relationship is for the welfare and health of individuals, children and society. Even a casual glance is able to discern the horrible price being paid for rejecting God’s absolute code for sexual relationships. One day the eternal God will hold accountable those who smash His no–go zones to pieces. The judgement is that they are unacceptable to be in His presence.

While we have breath it is the right time to step over and into the God ordained and holy worldview according to Christ Jesus and the Bible.

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