Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Bullies against Christmas

Christmas Bullies

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. It use to be mostly boys but now girls have joined the ranks. Such creatures usually cannot hold their own in debate and discussion so seek to win by muscle power or verbal humiliation. Their effect on some has been devastating.

History has thrown up untold numbers of national bullies in the form of dictators. Such men are usually in Government, tribal or religious areas. Dominating women of history are much more subtle and seductive. Both have their power for a while but death always takes them from the scene. Whether they believe in God or not, they will have to stand in judgment before Him.

Onto the 21st century a new and more corrosive form of bullying has developed. It is religious in nature but seductive in its approach. Through the abuse of anti-discrimination laws and political correctness these bullies seek to destroy Christmas. They want the holiday but they want to remove the Christian reason undergirding it. What is it? Christ’s birth at Bethlehem. In its Christless place they want innocuous terms such as vacation or recreation day.

Who are at the head of the ‘Bully Boys Brigade’? Islam and Atheists. Who are their compliant assistants? Government and local councils. Such countries with a previously Christian history and majority, such as Norway, are buckling under the fear of offending non Christians. It doesn’t seem to matter that Christians and their faith and holy days are violated and other faiths are left untouched.

Why is there such hostility to Christmas and Easter and of course, the Bible? Could it be due to what they declare? That is the promised one of the Tanak (Jewish scriptures) is declared to have come in the Gospels. In them we read that the promised one is the Messiah who came as the suffering servant of Isaiah 53. That pointed to the Jewish Passover being fulfilled in the Messiah’s crucifixion. If this promised one we know as Jesus was still dead no one would celebrate Christmas or Easter. The section of the Bible called the New Testament declares Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to His Father’s realm. Jesus in now Lord and Saviour! He waits the right moment when the rest of Scripture is fulfilled to return as ruler and judge.

That is what the bully boys don’t want to happen (not that they can stop it). As they don’t like to be reminded of their fate and as they don’t want to change their mind, they endeavour to remove that which offends their belief system. No tolerance there. No sound argument can destroy the Christmas event, so be a bully and crush your opponent. ‘Hide incompetence and lack of argument behind well meaning laws that can be twisted to one’s own advantage’ is their mantra.

The bullies can not prevail. Caesar tried it with the lions in the arena. He failed. Christmas will be celebrated and its message will shine out more brightly than ever. The meek may pay a price but they are on the winning side, just read what Jesus said in Matthew 5:5.
Whether you like or dislike Christmas, whether you believe December 25 is the right date, ultimately doesn’t matter. What matters is its testimony. That is ‘He who was long promised came in the fullness of time.’ You can follow His story in the Gospels. How do we know Jesus came? Because of the

cross and resurrection! Without that event we wouldn’t be having this celebration. Then we wouldn’t have bullies trying to prove Christmas didn’t happen.
But it did.
Its meaning prevails.
Its promise endures.
So put your trust in Jesus the Messiah and have a happy Christmas.


  1. Hi Ray,
    I'm a Christian Author also - but before I came to the Lord I played in a band in the U.S. called Tazmanian Devils (with a Z). Had some friends who moved there and our band thought it would be fun name.
    Patrick E. Craig

  2. Hi Patrick. Did your friends survive in our little island? Great place but with some unemployment issues. What do you write? Thanks for posting