Sunday, November 17, 2013

Beware the Christmas Plague

The Blights of Christmas

Blight according to the World book dictionary ‘is a disease which causes plants to wither and die.’ Used figuratively it points to ‘anything that withers the hope or causes destruction or ruin.’

Christmas is experiencing a plague of such blighters. Their aim is to reduce Christmas and its meaning to ruin in the hope it disappears. Each of the ‘viruses’ attacking this great testimony have a replacement of their own. Before we look at aspects of the Blights be reminded as to the meaning of Christmas.

It was long promised and recorded within the Judeo–Christian Bible. No one with a fair mind will deny that the Old Testament declared someone is coming. It detailed place (Bethlehem) mode of coming (virgin birth) titles (Emmanuel, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Wonderful Counsellor) purpose (Messiah to save His people) Suffering Servant (Isaiah ch.53) to name but a small sample.

The Gospels declared the promised One has come. His name in Greek is Jesus. In Hebrew, Joshua. He is called Lord, Son of Man, Son of God and the Word (Logos) made flesh to dwell among us. People may disagree with such records and Names but such matters cannot be refuted. Nor can the ‘Blighters’ accuse the Apostles and early Church from fabrication. Why? Because the Apostles paid for their hope and convictions with their blood. The governing authorities could not deny Christ Jesus’ existence, teaching, death and resurrection. That is why they resorted to making it a criminal offence to believe in the birth of (Christmas) Jesus and His Calvary and empty tomb testimony. Their attempts to wither and ruin Christmas and Calvary failed. The ‘Blight killer’ was ‘It is written’ according to the Scriptures and verified by Christ’s resurrection.
Today the plague has mutated and is more virulent because it has an element of fun, commercialism and ideology. Such things appeal to the human heart because they destroy the real meaning of Christmas.

Santa Claus is Christ Jesus great rival at Christmas. His “HO, HO, HO” drowns out the Angels song. Santa is the myth we want to control and promote. He is the character that seduces our cash from our bank accounts. He panders to our greed and blinds us to the emptiness of our lives.More than that Santa Claus doesn't disturb our lifestyle or ungodly thinking nor impose upon us teachings which are worthwhile but unwanted. Jesus Christ however is still active within the Christmas scene but only to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

Doctrine and ideology also want a piece of the withering process. Atheists and Muslims are surprising linked in their opposition to the Person of Christ. Atheists in denying God’s existence cannot handle the simple yet supreme message that the Lord God would care for wayward ‘junk.’ The teaching that the Heavenly Father set a saving process in motion is anathema. Mohammed called the Gospels and the Old and New Testaments a lie by saying Jesus Christ is not the Son of God. Why? Because Mohammed said God had and has no Son. Therefore the mystery of the Godhead, Father Son and Holy Spirit, is arbitrarily dismissed. ‘No god but god’ is a great cliché but such a god is aloof, indifferent to creation, offers no salvation or hope in life or death. There is no Christmas for Atheists or Muslims. To adopt their attack on the Christian Faith and its historical reasons for Christmas is to create a spiritual plague. It affects your heart and hope of ever knowing the Person of whom Christmas reveals.

The way to bust the Blighters is to discover who Jesus is for oneself. Do this by simply reading the gospels and cross referencing between the Old and New Testaments. Then Christmas will take on new, exciting and enjoyable dimensions. You can still give presents. You can still enjoy special and culturally appropriate meals. You can get together and enjoy carols and worship with understanding and gratitude the Lord Christ. You will know Him as Jesus, Son of God, Lord of Glory and your own Saviour.

He is the One who makes it a happy and meaningful Christmas.
He is the One who takes us onwards into a meaningful life.
For those interested you can learn more about Jesus and the Christmas event from my book 'The Bethlehem Warrior Baby'. It is an EBook available from amazon or in print from Christian Bookshops or the publisher Even Before Publishing (division of Wombat books, Queensland Australia.)

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