Monday, June 17, 2013

RACISM: It's a Belief Issue.

Why the Bible is Important - to me. #11

RACISM. It’s a Belief Issue!

Its ugly head was recently raised in a few football games in Australia. Politicians are passing laws against it. No country is free from it.  ‘IT’ of course is racial vilification.

Racism goes beyond a liking or disliking another person. We all have those feelings. Racism however doesn’t treat the man or woman with different coloured skin or cultural heritage as a person to like or dislike. Such an attitude of the mind expressed through words or actions considers him or her as an ‘it’, inferior and infectious.

women dancing in Zambia
welcoming Aussie team

Passing laws will not change the heart and mind. This is especially true when from an early age children are taught the theory of evolution. This creates the impression that some races are superior to others. Combine such teaching with envy of another culture’s achievements, unfortunate experiences with unscrupulous people of different origins and a jihad hatred of a particular country, racial discrimination breeds.

This is another reason why the Bible is so important not only to me, but to all. In it we discover how the Lord God created one man and one woman, Adam and Eve, and through them all the races of the world. Whether we like it or not, we are all related. We are all of one blood as the apostle Paul told the Athenians on Mars Hill as recorded in Acts 17.

More than that the Bible tells every one of us that we all have sinned and fallen short of the Creator’s standard. That ‘Fall’ had and continues to have serious consequences on our outlook on life. Inwardly we are corrupt even when we are being nice outwardly. The great news of the Bible proclaims our Creator God has provided a cleansing of and a control system for our darkened hearts and minds. That is the testimony of the cross of Jesus Christ. He died for all men and women across all time. Jesus is not a racist. He is colour blind. He deals with the heart issues. He knows we are all infected with the same sinful nature.

When any person from any culture accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour He bestows on them His righteousness and gives them of His Holy Spirit. This makes them family. Each is either a brother or sister to the other believer. Lest you think a Christian can then look down on a non Christian, think again. Jesus actually tells us to love them, pray for them and remember they are of the same human stock as you.
The Bible is the only book that treats humans as equal and unique. That is why it is important to us all. Racism is a belief system which only a different belief system will overpower. It will not come from evolutionary theory. It will not be found in Islam. It cannot be dictated to by Governments. Only an acceptance of the teaching of the Bible and a submission to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour will overcome the ‘IT’ called racism.

Ray (a descendent of Adam and Eve) Hawkins

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