Monday, May 13, 2013


The Importance of the Bible to me #5

Human Dignity Begins Here

Even to a casual observer there are some–things so different in Christian influenced countries than non–Christian countries. We who are privileged to live in Christian countries take so much for granted and fail to appreciate our heritage.  Yes we are far from perfect. Yes Church attendances are falling. However the Christian influence is strong and lingers.
Mary,Ray and Zambian family

Look at Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu countries and their treatment of women, the outcaste, and the inequality before the Law of non country citizens. That is naming but a few instances. What has made the difference between West and East? The teaching, preaching, living and motivation aroused by the Judeo–Christian Scriptures.

Let’s look at a couple of directions for a safe, sound and satisfying society. In Leviticus 19 are some very fundamental yet imperative words from Yahweh. ‘You shall not revile the deaf or put a stumbling block before the blind.’ (verse 14) Why make this a big deal? The deaf cannot hear you and the blind cannot see your actions.  What is at stake? Human dignity and personal integrity! Why bother? If you believe in evolution all are merely matter in motion. No dignity there. If you accept Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism with their Karma then such afflicted people deserved their condition.

The Judeo–Christian view is human life is due in the beginning to a creative act of God.
Genesis also stresses this uniqueness stems from Adam being made in the likeness of God. Again the example of Jesus in His treatment of the blind, the deaf, the outcaste motivates a caring concern. In Australia there is being introduced a Disability Insurance scheme.  True Australia is fast drifting out of being a vibrant Christian country. However its values are heavily influenced by its Biblical Heritage.  People from other religious persuasions want to enjoy our heritage and yet pervert it with their own religious law. Are they unable or unwilling to see the contrast between Christian and non–Christian belief systems and behaviour?

However not speaking ill of the deaf or putting stumbling blocks before the blind is more than a nice religious ideal. It is the command of the Lord God of Creation and Glory. Therefore you can see it does matter what you believe even in such a seemingly small social issue as treating the deaf and the blind. An unbiased look back over history will reveal men and women leaving home and security to serve the welfare of others in distant countries. Why? Because they had a sense of God’s call on their lives, the example of Jesus, the need of suffering humanity and the motivating authority of the Bible.

That is just another reason why the Bible is so important ― to me. What about you?
Next week’ The Bible and Animal Welfare.’

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  1. This photo sure brought back some very special memories of that dear family who cared for us so well in that little Zambian village.