Monday, March 11, 2013

God's messages in Stone #3.

The Destroying Stone.

Dreams play a prominent part in the Bible’s history. One of the most famous is found in Daniel 2. King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream he couldn’t recall. A young Jewish captive had been enrolled in the King’s Magi school. He undertook the life threatening task of revealing both the dream and its meaning. Daniel gave the honour and glory for this to God.

Nebuchadnezzar’s dream was of a huge idol It had head of fine gold, chest and arms of silver, the middle and thighs of bronze, the legs of iron and feet a mixture of iron and clay. Then a Stone comes hurtling out of the heavens and strikes the idol around the base and feet. It is shattered to smithereens.  Part of God’s message through Daniel and hence to us was ‘God…reveals…what will happen at the end of days.’

The Lord God of Glory has not left us in ignorance of future events. He has spelt out coming events to warn us to make Him our personal place of safety. We do this by calling out to Him to save, to forgive, to keep us in His care.

As you read Daniel’s account you notice the four kingdoms degenerate and the fourth become much more oppressive, especially of God’s people. The fourth one is featured in the New Testament book of Revelation.

Who is the Stone? Again Daniel supplies the clue in chapter 7:9-14. It is The Son of Man. He who was the Rejected Stone; He who was charged with blasphemy because He claimed to be the Conquering and Ruling Stone mentioned in Daniel 7:13-14; He who was crucified, buried and rose again. The Rejected Stone has become the Destroying Stone. We know Him as Jesus Christ.

Why is He coming to overthrow?
Because the leaders of the world powers set themselves up as gods. This culminates in one single person rising to power. He opposes the Person of Jesus Christ, the reality of the Triune God, the morality God requires and the truth of the Bible. This evil king also seeks to destroy the nation of Israel and all who are followers of Christ Jesus. He is termed ‘The Anti-Christ.’

The Bible doesn’t spell out the time frame for the beginning of this event. It does however guarantee it will take place. Jesus as the Stone will come to vindicate His name, save His people and also establish the fifth Kingdom. This coming kingdom has eternity written all over it. The Bible says in effect ‘don’t mess with the Stone of Heaven but make Him your life’s foundation Stone.’

When that happens the rejected stone becomes the destroying stone will become the eternal ruling stone.

Ray (safe from the Destroying Stone) Hawkins.
Next week.  The Foundation Stone.

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