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God's Poetry - Book Review

Book Review by Ray Hawkins
God’s Poetry
Anne Hamilton.

Thought provoking and interesting is how I think best describes Anne Hamilton’s book ‘God’s Poetry.’  Anne enjoys delving behind today’s usually accepted meaning of words and names. She senses, as she shows, there are whole new dimensions of understanding and meaning often dormant or by-passed by the superficial student.

Using a wide range of material Anne illustrates her point with ease and clarity.  She takes material from Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, the Bible, Classical, academic material  plus much more to illustrate her point.

From a personal point of view I enjoy discovering the word pictures, history and deeper implications underlying words and names in the Bible. In ‘God’s Poetry’ I was taken on just such a journey.

The thesis that even in our given name can be found identity and destiny is intriguing. Anne uses her own testimony to highlight the Lord’s grace and its application to her given name. I found her delving back into family history concerning surnames also fascinating. Whether or not each reader will agree with all her conclusions one thing is sure, you will be enriched from the reading.

My one real criticism of the book would be it’s title. ‘God’s Poetry are the words which grab the eyes. Unless that person actually takes the trouble to read: ‘The Identity & Destiny Encoded in Your Name’ they would think it contains poems,  Of course the meaning behind ‘Poem’ in the Greek usage of Ephesians 2:10 refers to each individual being God’s masterpiece.

The grace of God flows freely through the book. For anyone who imagines their name to be cursed, shamed, worthless there is an awesome truth highlighted  That is, when Jesus becomes our Lord and Saviour He redeems us and that includes our given name. On top of that the Lord also promises to bestow on us a new name.

Well worth reading and using for reference.

21 - 25 January

is introducing

(Even Before Publishing 1 September 2012)


Anne Hamilton

About the Author:
Anne Hamilton, a longtime writer and mathematician, has a number of publications to her name. Anne has a trilogy of short books about how maths integrates with God’s great creation calle The Singing Silence The Winging Wor an The Listening Land. She has just had published her 27 year project a young adult fantasy Many-Coloured Realm.

Short Book Description:
What’s in a name? Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But is that true? Are names simply labels to be swapped around indiscriminately? Or are they more significant? God’s Poetry is about identity and destiny as well as the ancient concept of the power of names to body forth purpose and meaning. It’s also about why most of us never come into the calling prophetically breathed into what we are called.

Genre: Non Fiction

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