Sunday, December 23, 2012

Watch The Clouds #1.

Watch the Clouds –part 1.

I enjoy watching the clouds as they float or whiz across the skies. They can never be the same, always changing, always appealing. Within the bible clouds tell some important truths.

They surround the very presence of God. In Exodus 19 is the account of the Lord calling the Nation of Israel before Mt. Sinai. It is an awesome sight with lightning, thunder and thick cloud. Was this to create a sense of awe in the Nation? Was it also a way of protecting the Nation from the holiness of God?  To be in His presence unprotected from His holiness would be to self-destruct.

How then can there be any hope for anyone to enjoy the Lord’s company? Only by the Lord God dressing us in His righteousness. This can only be possible by dealing with our sinfulness. In turn we are powerless to achieve any of this. For it to happen the Lord God who dwells among the clouds must come and deal with our sin, inabilities and inadequate ‘clothing’ for His company.

Here is the reason for Christmas. Here is the achievement of Calvary. Here is the message of the Gospel. God has come out of the clouds in Christ Jesus.  He has dealt with our sin, He has dealt with our spiritual inabilities. He has provided garments of righteousness. Now we have the promise, His promise, that one day we will penetrate the clouds surrounding Him. On that day those cleansed and appropriately dressed will see Him face to face.

In Exodus 24:9-18 is an account of a select group with Moses being near God on Mt. Sinai. The cloud of His presence covered them but they saw Him through it. The people at the mountain’s base only saw a devouring fire. Those in the cloud enjoyed the Lord’s fellowship as well as each others. In Revelation 21-22 we see the time when the cloud is lifted. Then we will dwell in His presence unhindered.

Next week. Watch out for the Cloud – part 2.

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