I believe that one day I’ll be sitting with my Saviour

Even though I try I don’t have perfect behaviour

I don’t have to worry

God knows I’m sorry

About my sin filled life

All I did was cause strife

But then He came

The Lamb that was slain

The great I Am

In the form of a man

None can be perfected

Unless God wants them resurrected

All their sins will be CORRECTED

By Jesus Christ

The ultimate price

God’s sacrifice

His hands were pinned

He took all our sins

They were taken with Him

That’s why we’re allowed in

It was a terrible death

That horrible loss

God knew what was best

So he went on the cross

Our debt to pay

That terrible day

He rose from the grave so we could be saved!

This was written by Adam Hawkins (7 years) and Serena Hawkins (9 years) on the occasion og Adam's baptism by immersion 12:02:2017.

“Do this” Jesus Said

How is it possible that such as I, am invited, in Christ name,

To share in this communion time, knowing my history’s shame?

Indifferent was I, even hostile to the Lord on high

And yet, Christ chose to come in love to live and die

To rescue me from a wasted life and bleak eternity.

So, I come to Communion to remember Him

Who on Calvary’s cross waged war on Sin.

When he cried “It is finished” He had won!

His body riven, the sacrifice of God’s Son

Vindicated by His resurrection.

So in obedience to my Lord and Saviour

Unleavened bread and wine I savour

To remember Christ on the cross

His shame, suffering at terrible cost

To make me His own eternally.

So, I take this bread with bowed head

And remember Jesus died in my stead

My curse’s penalty, death, Christ paid.

Now I remember that He has made

Me a member of His family.

So, I take this cup, its mystery

I’ll celebrate continually,

How Christ’s blood flowed for me

From His pierced side on Calvary

To cleanse and seal me permanently.

In awe I take these emblems to remember.

In gratitude once again I’ll surrender.

In wonder I’ll celebrate

In thankfulness I’ll dedicate

Myself to Jesus this Communion time.

©Ray Hawkins July 3 2016.


I was told, when I was young

Christ Jesus would spoil my fun.

Now older, I’ve been told

God is indifferent, cold.

Sitting on His heavenly throne

Indifferent to my groans!

Simply put, I must stand alone.

One day a book I discovered

Written all about a lover

Who from heaven came

The lost, unloved, to claim!

By its sincerity captured

With its clarity enthralled

Simply put, I was enchanted.




I sit amazed

As I ponder

At the wonder

Of the news

God loves me!

He sought me,

Through His Son

The only One

With love sincere

Who could rescue

This prodigal

From sin’s horrible


To holy ground!



And captured

By such love

Shown to all

In Jesus Christ

At Calvary!

Love supreme

There redeemed

Made precious

The unloved,

The unholy,

The unwanted

Ready for God

In time

And eternity.

I’m enchanted!

Raymond N. Hawkins 2011.

Life beneath Sun and Ice

Beneath life’s unfairness,

That scorching sun,


Joy’s water of freshness

Creating a heart of baked clay

A mere charade

Sad masquerade

Of what I’m meant to be.

What will break the hardness

Shield from blazing rays

Release the river again?

Heaven’s hammer,

God’s word!

So bow,

Let it strike,

See the river flow!

Gripped by worldliness,

That frozen realm

Freezes solid

Compassion’s desire

Creating a heart of chilled ice,



Not what I’m meant to be.

What will melt this coldness,

Shield from frosty days,

Release compassion again?

Heaven’s fire,

God’s word!

So bow

Let it fall

See compassion flow.

Ray Hawkins 14 August 2014.


Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.
James 1:17

What gifts have I from you Lord?

Things underserved


Those gifts of grace I see Lord


From you

To me!

Why do I ask about this Lord?

For I already

Do know!

Those gifts of grace I have Lord

Love’s pleasure

From you

To me!

Such gifts I have from you Lord


My life

Those gifts of grace from you Lord

Gives you glory

From me

To you!

With such gifts I’ve received Lord

I’ll enjoy


Those gifts fill my heart Lord

With gratitude

From me

To you!

My list is between my Lord and me

But, the lines below

Let you try to record His grace to you

Of gifts you treasure

From Him

To you!



Ray Hawkins 18.4.2014

Christmas Rejoicing – Christmas Tears.

Christmas has its rejoicing and tears,

Memories of so many yesteryears.

Families together and carol singing

Childish delights, mistletoe kissing,

Opening gifts, surprises, socks galore.

Christmas fare shared by rich or poor

A sense of sorrow for that empty chair

The sadness of Christmas, life’s unfair.

Christmas holds so many stories

Fading though, its meaning and glory

Swallowed by glitter’s vanity

Smothering Bethlehem’s strong baby.

“Who needs a Lord and Saviour today?”

Words Christmas revellers may say

When quickly they forget, reject

Nor give Him His earned respect

Is Christmas simply food and beer?

Or Immanuel’s time to appear

With grace to those, both near or far.

There’s a future unveiling day

Of the One to whom many pray

When faith or unbelief will say

Words of wonder or words of fear.

Christmas rejoicing or rejection’s tear.

©Ray Hawkins 25 November 2014.

The Difference a ‘C’ Makes
Sacred and scared

Same letters yet

So different

For you see

It is the placement

Of the letter ‘C’

When it involves me


Yes, scared to face God


He is holy

His word is Truth

Justice is His reign

Light encircles his realm

And no darkness abides


I cannot reside

Where He dwells


Within darkness hides

And to see Him I’d die.


Yes, sacred now to God


He has saved

His truth prevailed

Pardon granted

Light banished darkness

I can now abide


With Him reside

In His realm


He rearranged

Scared into sacred


As the Christ

At Calvary

Replaced the ‘C’

For me


I’m sacred

No longer

Ray Hawkins copyright 2/9/2014


My Child,
come, walk with me;
Though it is dark I’ll be waiting.
It is time to come home,
Your work is complete.
Walk to me in my eternity.

But Father,
I know not the way
And the darkness frightens me.

My child,
Though shrouded be the way
And dark the valley
Fear not,
My Word will guide you.

But Father,
Dimness afflicts my eyes;
Deafness plagues my ears;
Coldness covers my being,
Your Word I cannot feel.

My Child,
Lean on my promises.
Though unseen, they are strong;
A rod they’ll be and a staff to you.
Comfort and courage they will give.

But Father,
My strength is failing,
The track seems rough,
My heart is unsettled,
Uncertainty hovers.

My Child,
Focus not on vanities, but sureties.
Remember my Son, my only begotten?
He trod this path,
Its terrors He silenced.
I will send Him,
He will shepherd you.

My Father, Your Son, my guide
Turns the darkness into intimacy.
The unknown becomes discovery.
I praise you for Jesus, your gift,
I’ll walk with Him.

Father, I’m coming home!
© R.N. Hawkins 2002

Remember me Lord

Remember me Lord when you come
Into your Kingdom.
In your agony
On the cross
Do not forget me Lord
For in you alone is my hope
So Lord,
Remember me!

Remember me Lord when I fail
In my commitments
To your glory
From the cross.
Do not condemn me Lord
For in you alone is forgiveness
So Lord,
Remember me!

Remember me Lord when I come
For Holy Communion
To meet you
By the cross
Do not ignore me Lord
For it is you alone I seek
So Lord,
Remember me!

Remember me Lord when I stand
Before your throne
Let your gaze
See your cross
And your agony there for me
Then Lord
Remember me.

Ray Hawkins 18.4.2014

Forsaken – For Me!
for me He was forsaken.
for me He had to suffer
all alone
there on Calvary
He had died
for me.

in my place He was buried.
with my Sin He was buried.
All alone
there in a garden
He was buried
for me.

on my behalf He is risen.
over Sin and Death’s darkness
all alone
from the grave
He did rise
for me.

in my life He is glorified.
in my heart He’s Redeemer
all alone
as Saviour, Lord
He is worshipped
by me.

He is risen!
He is Victor!
He is glorified!

He is redeemer!
He is Saviour!
He is Lord!
and His Name
is Jesus!

©Raymond N. Hawkins April 2008.


Mark 4:35-41.

Beset by wild, unpredictable storms
My life felt bereft, forlorn
Hope for better times in disarray
Beneath unyielding emotional waves!
Material security smashed on ‘reefs’,
Faith shredded by self-pity and grief.

In desperation to the Lord I cried
Unseen, is He standing by my side?
I felt confused and isolated
Where, His promise once stated
To be with me when life gets tough?
Or was that promise all huff and puff?

As my life sinks down in the ‘Deep.’
I imagine He’s sound asleep.
But in despair, an agonizing prayer,
Pierces my inner turbulence
“Lord save me or I die”
From nearby He hears my cry.

God was watching from the Heavenlies.
And I sensed His scrutiny
Revealing to me my limited capacity
To trust Him in life’s uncertainty
Arousing shame at my mutiny!
Then He asks, I think, a silly question
At least as I viewed the situation
Beyond my control and intention,
“Why are you fearful?” He demands!


Lord, I’m buffeted, beaten, broken
My life’s out of control, I’m deflated.
My dreams have simply evaporated
For the unleashed storm is dreadful
And You Lord ask me why I’m fearful.
Then His “Peace, be still!” takes control within
To calm, to prevail, to win!
Something important is being taught
When in life’s future storms I’m caught.

My Lord may seem distant, asleep
But He my life will surely keep
For no foe, no storm or evil plan
Can shipwreck the woman or the man
Sailing with the Master of the seas
Through time and into eternity.
Raymond N. Hawkins 2010.

What Songs to sing in the night?

What songs can I sing in the night
What words to fill with melody?
When the past arises to haunt
And the conscience likes to taunt?
Are there themes I can cling to
To bring some light into the night?

The theme of my song must be
Jesus Christ, Lord of Calvary.
He knows all about me
In grace He redeemed me
With joy He received me
 His peace my company..

I still have times of fear.
My heart knows its tears
I wrestle uncertainties
To conquer frailties
But this I can declare
I know whose life I share

The theme of my song must be
Jesus Christ, Lord of Calvary
Son of God His name
Eternity will proclaim
His glory and fame
Victor o’er sin and shame

What songs can I sing in the night?
What words to fill with melody/
Songs whose theme is Jesus
Songs touched by eternity
Themes that I can sing about
To bring His light into my night!

Raymond N. Hawkins Sept. 2012.

Why are you …

“Why are you smiling”? My wife asked
As I sat there daydreaming.
Why? Good question!
I was wandering down memory lane
And met happy times old and new,
Some with children, many with you
Dress ups, family fun and holidays
Precious pictures from the mind!
Memories transcending time
Made me smile!

“Why are you crying”? Grandson asked
As I read the mission magazine.
Why? Good question!
African Mission trips relived
Emotions again restirred.
Slum dwellers, desperate, diseased
Not forgotten by Christ’s Church
Calvary’s precious testimonies!
Memories coloured by eternity
Made me cry!

“Why are you sighing”? Daughter asked
As I nibbled my toast!
Why? Good question!
I was thinking of yesteryears
Successes, failures, joys and fears
What might have been and what is!
Stories to tell, songs to sing
Christ’s providence and discipline.
Memories formed by our history
Made me sigh!

“Why are you praying”? My heart asked
As in silence I meditated!
Why? Good question!
I couldn’t help it as I reflected
On my life, wife, kids and ministry
The journey we’ve had with Jesus
Sharing His faithfulness and mercy
Nourished by His living word!
Memories time can never erase
Made me pray!
                                                                                               ©Raymond n. Hawkins June 2012.

Behold the Clouds

Hear the message of the clouds
Silent, though with message loud
Over God’s throne hovering
The Lord’s mystery covering.

Read the cloud’s testimony
Woven through Israel’s history
Led by the cloudy pillar
That covered them completely.

Mount Sinai cloud sweeping
Fire and thunder peeling
Yahweh His laws revealing
His covenant to be keeping!

God’s pleasure by clouds blown
His acceptance clearly shown
As they His temple filled
Here His purposes fulfilled.

Did the clouds of darkest storm
Around the crucified form
Their covering forbid the sun
To see the pain of God’s Son?

His conquest of sin now won
The chariot clouds don’t hesitate
To bring Jesus the conquering One
Back home where angels celebrate.

The clouds in anticipation
Wait the Lord’s declaration
As chariots to do His will
And bring Him to Zion’s hill.

Silent, the clouds seem to be
Yet seeking hearts will see
The message that they plead
Shows Christ return to heed.
Until then behold the clouds
Heed the story that they tell
By faith in Jesus we will dwell
With Him in Heaven’s realm!
© Raymond N. Hawkins Jan 2013.

Our Church's Christmas play featured our grandchildren. Mary was played, beautifully, by our grand-daughter. This is why she is the picture to introduce the particular poem about Christmas.

Mary’s First Christmas Ponderings.

 ‘Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart.’ (NRSV).
Luke chapter 1:19

Mary pondered so many things in her heart
That very first Christmas day:
Shepherds arrival and delight
As they saw Christ that night
Enthroned in the manger!
Angels words they relayed
With joy and faith displayed.
The Saviour had been born,
The Bread of Life had come,
As foretold to Bethlehem
As it was written!

Mary pondered disturbing things in her heart
That very first Christmas time!
Simeon, faithful prophet
Exalted the Christ child
Standing on Temple steps!
His words ominous, stark
His joy hemmed by sorrow.
The Saviour had been born
Heaven’s pure Light had come
As foretold to Bethlehem
As it was written!

Mary pondered personal things in her heart
That very first Christmas night!
Anna, the aged widow
Sang for the Christ child
Praise to God, the Father
Her words the message of hope.
Israel’s promised redeemer,
The Saviour had been born
The Servant King had come
As foretold to Bethlehem
As it was written!

Mary pondered so many things in her heart
That very first Christmas morn!
The joy of her first song
Drowned in sorrow fierce
For a sword would pierce
Her grown child and so her heart!
Jesus would taste the people’s scorn
By whip, sword and cross torn.
For this the Lord had come
As foretold to Bethlehem
As it was written!

Raymond N. Hawkins. Dec 6.2012.

To any and all who may read this, my wife and I would like to wish you the joy and wonder of the true Christmas over this season of remembering and celebration. In an ever increasing madness around the world may you find the eternal joy, peace and hope offered to us in Christ Jesus.

Ray (enjoying the Christ of Christmas) Hawkins.


My faith is little
This I know
I’m no mountain mover
O no!
My faith copes with the everyday
Trusting God in my work and play.
My faith is little
This I know
When pressured by fear, pain
It struggles, shudders before life’s tragedies
But still seeks God
For lasting remedies.

My faith is little
This is true
When I heard the Gospel
I knew
Jesus is the crucified
Risen Christ and perceived
A new destiny
I’d receive
When He my trust embraced.
Now, in His word I seek His face
There I’ll meditate
on His saving grace.

Raymond N. Hawkins © December 31 2012.

 The Mystery Behind Baptism

The mystery of it all
enraptures me
as I,
unworthy of God’s grace,
knew the crucified
risen Lord’s
saving embrace
in the depths
of my heart
through faith
and surrender.

No one witnessed
the transaction
of my
sin and indifference
for Christ’s holiness.
Now I know
not rejection.
Heaven’s glory
Christ’s victory.

The mystery of it all
God portrays
by my
outward testimony.
The unseen spiritual
openly shown
through the physical
in simplicity
and wonder
in baptism
by immersion.

The mystery of salvation,
the drama of redemption,
the meaning of the cross,
the baptism into Christ
my living hope,
I do declare
in my

©Raymond N. Hawkins 2008.

Up There Where We Belong

In the twinkling of an eye
Those dead in Christ will rise
We who are alive and know Him
Will come together in the skies
What glory will be known
Up there where we belong

In the twinkling of an eye
We our Lord will behold
No more sorrow’s longing sighs
As the fruit of faith unfolds
In the realm where angels fly
Up there where we belong.

In the twinkling of an eye
At the command of His voice
As around the earth a cry
From Christ’s people who rejoice
With a song that’ll never die
Up there where we belong.

In the twinkling of an eye
Our faith gives way to sight
As face to face we meet Him
Surrounded by His light
And together we will sing
Up there where we belong.

Based on 1 Corinthians 15:52 and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.
© Raymond n. Hawkins


Sleeping in my arms.

A bundle of charm
Lies on my arm
Little Haylee’s
Sleep resistance!

With deep sighs
Her closed eyes
The drama
Over Haylee’s
Sleep resistance.

Rocking, humming
Soothing sounds
Did win
The moment
Over Haylee’s
Sleep resistance.

A bundle of charm
Lies on my arm
My vict’ry
Over Haylee’s
Sleep resistance!

When she awakes
Grand-dad’s girl
Cooled Haylee’s
Sleep resistance.

A bundle of charm
Sits on my arm
To beguile
Little Haylee’s
Proud grandad.
………………………… Again and again

                                                                                      R.N.Hawkins August 2012.

It's confession time.
I never really enjoyed most poetry. The thought of writing it would have raised a wry smile and a shake of the head. How then did it come about?

I was sitting on the steps of the Gladstone Qld. Church of Christ manse where we ministered. So much of our work overfive years appeared fruitless. It wasn't but that is how you can feel when down, spiritually and emotionally.

I had a pen and paper at hand for some reason and started writing how I felt. It wasn't great but it put on the paper what was hidden in the heart. It was called 'The One Talent Man'. One day I'll share it with you.

Over the years I've played with words and formed them into poems. They are mostly about my faith, my wife and children and of course ministry and writing. It is heartening to look back on the early ones and realise how  simple, silly, sincere but far from sublime they were. However the taste for expressing myself in a poetic manner had created an addiction. Across thirty plus years I've worked on them and with Mary's help and wisdom seen them honed to something readable.

So for those interested I'll post some here from time to time. You can then make your own estimation.

Following sums up my first priority...

No Other Name

There is no other Name
Than Christ Jesus!
No other Name
Able to claim
My heart than Jesus!

He alone carried my shame.
He alone bore my sinful pain
At Calvary!
He alone took my guiltiness
And paid its awful price

He alone my failures atone
With His blood, tears and groans
At Calvary!
He alone for me would pray
The Father to forgive that day
At Calvary!

Who is my Saviour?
Who is my refuge?
No other Name
Than Christ Jesus!
Only Christ Jesus!

Who claims my praise?
Who holds my heart?
No other Name
Than Christ Jesus!
Only Christ Jesus!

Raymond N. Hawkins April 2011.

Sunday 4th Sept. was set aside as ‘Father’s Day.’ To be a father is a wonderful privilege. To be a grandfather is more than a privilege, it is an honour. Sometimes it is tiring as youth stretches the aging process to its limits. Still, what an awesome delight it is to be a positive influence, both relational and spiritual, emotional and intellectual in the life of a child, especially a grandchild. It was partly this awareness which motivated me to write ‘Children: God’s special Interest’ (in Christian Bookshops now).  It was one of my grandsons who was instrumental in my writing the following simple poem about sharing yourself with a pre-school child.

A Grandchild’s Sweetest Words.

Read me a story grand-dad
Read me a story.
I can say my A B C
And count, one, two, three.
But, read me a story
Please grand-dad
Read me a story.

Help me with my shoes grand-dad,
Help me with my shoes.
I can find my socks
And eat all my porridge.
But, help me with my shoes
Please grand-dad,
Help me with my shoes.

Come and play a game with me grand-dad
Come and play right now.
I wont be naughty
Or get clothes dirty.
But, come and play with me
Please grand-dad,
Come and play with me.

It’s time to go home grand-dad
It’s time to go home.
Mummy has my tea ready
And daddy’s here too.
Thank you grand-dad
For being here today.
I love you grand-dad
I really love you.

                                                ©Raymond N. Hawkins August 2005.